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High priority: can a human-robotics hybrid make wind farms safer?

The recent deaths of two workers have focused attention on safety at UK wind farms. Julian Turner talks to Kate Harvey of the Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation, and David Flynn and Keith Brown, two engineers working on a human-robotics hybrid solution for offshore farms, to find out what can be done to improve safety.

2016: a good year for renewable energy projects

This year was a great time for renewable energy projects, with landmark projects in CCS and tidal, among many other areas. Rod James takes a look back at some of the best.

Can green bonds help finance a clean energy revolution in China?

The People’s Bank of China has been lauded as a powerhouse of renewable project financing having sold the world’s largest green bond for $3.03bn earlier this year. Julian Turner investigates issues of transparency in this growth market and asks whether capitalism can be used to fight climate change.

WaveRoller: new wave power device harnesses the surge

A panel-shaped device called WaveRoller, inspired by the experiences of a professional deep-sea diver, could prove to be an efficient and robust source of wave-generated power. Rod James found out more from Christopher Ridgewell, CTO of Finnish technology developer AW-Energy.

How the US is sponsoring India’s nuclear power revolution

The US is sponsoring India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group at the same time as backing for nuclear power on US soil is waning. Julian Turner investigates manufacturing giant Westinghouse’s plans to construct six AP1000 nuclear power plants in India.

Renewables and nuclear: hand-in-hand in New York?

New York State has announced an ambitious clean energy standard to have 50% of its energy come from renewable sources by 2030. Controversially, the standard also offers subsidies to keep the state’s three large nuclear plants open. Could New York’s plan set a new model for renewables and nuclear to work in tandem rather than against one another? Abi Millar explores.

GE’s digital wind farm apps hold the key to predictive maintenance

GE Renewable Energy has introduced a new software applications suite for its digital wind farm concept. As well as helping streamline operations and maximise profitability, the apps represent an important step towards the panacea of predictive maintenance. Rod James takes a closer look.

US hydropower: the potential for converting non-powered dams

Could the US be doing more to tap hydroelectric energy with its existing dam infrastructure? The US Department of Energy estimated in 2012 that fitting the country’s non-powered dams (NPDs) with generation technology could produce 12GW of new clean energy. Rod James asks: is this potential being realised?

SELCE: a model of community energy

South East London Community Energy is a not-for-profit enterprise that uses community share offers to address fuel poverty and renewables development. Thanks to only just making the window for government solar subsidies, the project is now viably operating, but other energy co-ops have not been so lucky. Abi Millar caught up with the group to hear why subsidies are still so crucial.

An end to transience: Why energy needs a permanent workforce with Airswift

Global recruitment company Airswift recently launched a dedicated division for permanent rather than transient workforce solutions. Elly Earls met Vice President Europe & Group Director Permanent Workforce Solutions Donna Chapman to find out what was behind this tactical move and why she thinks permanent positions are becoming increasingly important to energy operations.