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Modernising the US grid for peak renewables and climate change

President Biden’s bipartisan $1tn infrastructure bill earmarks $27bn for direct funding and borrowing authority to improve the country’s grid resiliency. Heidi Vella asks where should the money be spent?

Colorado’s power pathway: balancing the need for renewables and grid expansion

The US state of Colorado is forging ahead with a $1.7bn power infrastructure investment. With the urgent need to build grid infrastructure for the energy transition, how are grid providers looking to reduce their impact?

Maritime hydrogen: inside Yanmar Power Technology’s new hydrogen power system

Japanese maritime supplier Yanmar Power Technology has trialled a system for high-powered hydrogen refuelling that it says can enable three-times longer cruising.

Arctic exploration: developing green energy technology in an extreme region

A $27m clean-energy powered Russian research facility being built in the Arctic plans to push hydrogen forward.

Turning the tide: is now the time for tidal power? 

Orbital Marine hopes to commercialise its tidal turbine technology with help from a new €26.7m EU Horizon 2020 project

Large-scale solar: sun shines on the sector at last

As technology costs continue to plummet, governments are setting their sights on ramping-up large-scale solar.

Something in the water: controversy courts the Fukushima clean-up

The Japanese government has announced plans to release more than a million tonnes of water from the Fukushima site into the sea.

When lightning strikes: managing impacts on wind turbines

When Vestas made a huge payout to repair turbines after lightning strikes last year, it highlighted the scale of the threat.

Joining forces: can a new clean tech JV help India reach its climate goals?

A new joint venture formed between firms Carbon Clean and Veolia hopes to help India – the worlds’ fourth biggest CO2 emitter – reach its ambitious climate change targets by capturing and reselling industrially-produced carbon. We speak to the fledgling firm to find out more.

Will the pandemic trigger a boom for rooftop solar?

The UK solar sector emerged relatively unscathed from the pandemic in 2020 and now believes that it can benefit from the new work from home culture, which has seen domestic energy costs soar. We talk to Solar Energy UK to find out more.