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Isabeau van Halm is a data journalist based in London. She has previously worked as editor of a local newspaper and is a graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Master’s. Contact Isabeau at: isabeau.vanhalm [at]

Isabeau van Halm


Weekly data: Australia needs to pick up the pace of its energy transition

Australia needs to speed up investments in renewables, storage and the electricity network, warns the CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator.

Energy Monitor’s Critical Mineral Tracker

Will production keep up with demand for critical minerals? Track the global production of critical minerals with Energy Monitor’s Critical Mineral Tracker, updated quarterly. Scroll down to learn more.

Decarbonising the European energy system by 2050 is possible – Eurelectric

Electricity market reform, permitting, grids and industrial competitiveness are all essential drivers to decarbonise the energy system, according to a new report by Eurelectric.

European gas price lowest since the start of the energy crisis

European gas prices are stabilising, but that does not necessarily mean households will immediately see lower bills.

Dutch offshore wind farms shut down to allow bird migration

In an international first, two offshore wind parks were shut down for four hours on 13 May to allow the safe passage of migrating birds above the North Sea.

Russian authorities evacuate people from areas near Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant

Russia has started to evacuate areas near the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, sparking concerns from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Weekly data: US clean power capacity additions lag in 2022

New US clean power capacity lagged in 2022 compared with previous years, but the Inflation Reduction Act should boost US renewables deployment over the next decade.

Moldova faces winter darkness as Russia weaponises energy

Russia is using energy supplies to destabilize Moldova, but separatist Kremlin-backed Transnistria might be hit the hardest if gas is cut off.

How indigenous communities became major players in Canada’s energy transition

Indigenous communities in Canada have been trailblazers in the clean energy transition, especially when it comes to microgrids in remote locations.

In the wake of West Virginia v. EPA, the US needs to step up climate action

After the Supreme Court decision, the EPA is still authorised to reduce pollution from power plants. But if the US wants to be on track for its climate goals, the government needs to act now.