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Julian Turner is a regular feature contributor to NRI Digital's websites, covering renewable energy and growth within power markets, offshore oil drilling, and the market for new and sustainable hydrocarbons, as well as reporting on the aerospace, defence, transport and packaging industries.Julian began his career as a feature writer at IPC Media, before joining the BBC as a staff news and feature writer for the corporation's commercial web operation. In 2003, he joined News International as a sub-editor working across eight national newspaper and magazine titles, at the same time contributing features in a freelance capacity to various national publications.Julian was senior TV editor at Global Listings, a television specialist media company, before joining Progressive Digital Media in 2011 as chief sub-editor. He currently works as a sub-editor and feature writer across Global Trade Media's portfolio of international B2B titles, and contributes blogs to The New Statesman.

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  1. Winds of change: Scotland leads the way on low-carbon wind energy

    There’s an ill wind blowing north of the border that UK Prime Minister Teresa May and her colleagues in Westminster…
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    5 Jul
  2. Inside Egypt’s record-breaking energy megaproject

    Beautiful and benighted, since the Pharaohs commissioned the great pyramids, Egypt has gradually evolved into a modern, industrialised nation, yet…
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    8 May
  3. Does South Africa need nuclear energy? Greenpeace and Nuclear Africa go head to head

    The word ‘tragedy’ as defined by the German philosopher G F W Hegel describes a situation where two rights come…
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    6 Feb

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