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Peak performance: could mountains create long-term energy storage?

As the world looks for reliable and cost-effective means of housing energy for long periods of time, a new study is proposing using mountains and gravity as giant storage systems. The paper’s author, Julian Hunt, a researcher at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, tells us about his findings.

Vineyard Wind: delayed project reveals bluster in US’s offshore wind ambitions

The recent decision by the Interior Department to hit the pause button on plans to build the first major US offshore windfarm off the Massachusetts coast means the project now hangs in the balance. Amid federal agency infighting, does the country risk squandering a vital resource of clean energy? We investigate.

Power simulation: Training distribution system operators

While responsible for keeping the lights on for millions of us, distribution systems operators are still undertrained. However, the launch of a new power industry simulator, designed to replicate emergency scenarios, could make training much more realistic and relevant. Ross Davies spoke to Rocky Sease, CEO of one of the companies behind the tool.

Looking towards Belgium’s nuclear-free future

The recent closure of six out of seven nuclear reactors raised concerns over the ability of Belgium to cope without its nuclear power in the coming months. How will the country react and what lessons can the power industry learn when looking forward to the 2025 nuclear phase-out plan?

Inside Enel’s new renewable energy control room

Able to manage 4.7GW of operational power across 36 plants, Enel Green Power’s new renewable energy control room in Chile is the largest of its kind in South America. Antonio Scala, who heads up Enel Green Power’s operations on the continent, gives Ross Davies an insight into life inside the centre.

Step change: Bringing 3D visualisation into wind turbine inspection

Earlier this year, it was announced that subsea technology start-up Rovco had secured Innovate UK funding to help develop a 3D visualisation system. The technology promises to drastically improve upon existing windfarm inspection techniques, as chief executive Brian Allen explains to Ross Davies.

Floating wind: the significance of Hywind Scotland

With Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating windfarm now up and running, speculation abounds as to whether similar projects will gain support, replacing conventional bottom-fixed installations. There is potential for this to happen, but funding will be crucial.

Port Augusta and the battle to build the world’s biggest solar thermal power plant

After years of local campaigning, the South Australian city of Port Augusta is to finally become home to what promises to be the world’s largest solar thermal power plant. It’s been a long road, writes Ross Davies.

The power of prescience: Predicting and preventing blackouts on the US power grid

Based on analysis of blackouts from over the last 50 years, start-up Prescient Transmission Systems has developed a predictive methodology designed to ensure the US power grid doesn’t go down. Ross Davies spoke to CEO and founder Jerry Wolfe to find out how it works.