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Respirators used in the offshore, oil and gas industry  

It’s no surprise the offshore industry is dangerous and work-related hazards are common for workers on the rig. Personal protection equipment such as respirators help to protect against particles, gases and vapors.

Renewable Energy Safety Equipment

According to GlobalData, renewable energy held a 19% share of the US’s total power capacity in 2020, and this is expected to increase to 48.4% by 2030. With the industry growing, so too does the market for renewable energy safety equipment to protect personnel working in this sector.

Whilst renewable energy working environments are generally safer, especially compared to sectors such as coal mining that have high fatality rates, there are a number of safety concerns shared with its mining counterparts. Fall hazards, electrical safety, and confined space risks all need to be assessed.

PPE for the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industries average a fatality rate seven times greater in comparison to the rate for all U.S. industries (25.1 compared with 3.7 per 100,000 per year). The workers face hazards throughout their daily duties, which is why its necessary for employers to provide them with the correct personal protective equipment.

Offshore Oil Rig Safety Equipment

Offshore platforms and oil rigs pose numerous potential risks, with workers engaged in many industrial processes that require specialized heavy machinery.

Industrial Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is important in the workplace environment as it gives worked the extra protection against health and safety accidents. It is a legal requirement for companies to provide thier employees with the appropriate equipment.

Fall protection equipment for the energy, power and utilities industries

For Carroll Technologies, providing workers with the best fall protection equipment is a key priority.

Confined space safety in power plants

Confined spaces in power plants are often considered one of the most dangerous types of work performed in that setting. The risks have been recognized by companies and safety precautions are put in place to ensure these hazardous conditions are safer for workers.

Confined space in oil and gas industry: Safety solutions

The offshore industry can be dangerous as there are times where workers will need to be in confined spaces. There are various risks that are involved such as build up of noxious fumes, reduced oxygen levels, or a risk of fire.

Communication solutions for the energy industry

Effective communication solutions for the energy industry are key to ensuring that operations run smoothly and that any problems are corrected quickly should they arise.