Abu Dhabi electricity demand falls

MEED    11 May 2020 (Last Updated May 11th, 2020 14:56)

Abu Dhabi electricity demand falls
Several European countries have also reported double-digit declines in electricity demand between March and April. Credit:

Demand for electricity declines, while demand for water remains unchanged.

Abu Dhabi has seen a 5% decline in electricity demand compared with this year’s forecast.

A spokesperson for state utility Emirates Water & Electricity Company (Ewec) said: “Demand is down about 5% on forecast after normalising for day-to-day weather effects.”

“In the longer term, depending on the rate of economic recovery, there may be some change, but overall, Ewec does not expect to see much change.”

Several European countries have reported double-digit declines in electricity demand between March and April compared with the same period in the previous year as a result of containment measures to limit the Covid-19 outbreak.

Electricity demand in Germany has fallen 11.5%, while the UK reported a 17.2% drop.

Ewec said demand for water remains unchanged and the utility says it not expecting to see any change in the short term.

Certain countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region have seen increased water demand due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In March, Jordan reported a 40% increase in water consumption as the kingdom went into full lockdown.

Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company is also understood to have increased the supply of water to 9.7 million cubic metres a day in response to heightened demand as citizens and residents stay home to limit the spread of the Covid-19.