Saudi Arabia plans to tender 12 renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 3.1GW in 2019.

Saudi Arabia’s Renewable Energy Project Development Office (Repdo) has set a target to launch the next round of renewables projects in mid-2019.

According to sources close to the national renewables programme, Repdo is looking to issue the expression of interest (EOI) for the next round of projects in the “middle of the year”.

In January, Repdo invited developers to submit EOI for seven photovoltaic (PV) projects under the second round of the Kingdom’s ambitious National Renewable Energy Programme (NREP).

Developers had to submit EOIs by 14 February for seven PV solar projects with a combined total capacity of 1.51GW, and, according to sources close to the programme, Repdo is planning to issue their request for quotation by the end of February.

According to sources, tender documents will be issued two months after the pre-qualification process has started.

The seven projects under the NREP second round are:

1. Medina solar PV independent power project (IPP): Medina Province, approximately 26 kilometres from Medina city (50MW)

2. Rafha solar PV IPP: Northern Borders province, approximately 16km from Rafha (45MW)

3. Qurayyat solar PV IPP: Al-Jawf Province, approximately 15km from Qurayyat (200MW)

4. Al-Faisaliah solar PV IPP: Mecca Province, approximately 80km south of Jeddah (600MW)

5. Rabigh solar PV IPP: Mecca Province, approximately 145km north of Jeddah (300MW)

6. Jeddah solar PV IPP: Mecca Province, approximately 50km southeast of Jeddah (300MW)

7. Mahd al-Dahab solar PV IPP: Medina Province, approximately 150km southeast of Medina (20MW)

Repdo’s advisers for the second round include Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) as lead and financial adviser, the UK’s DLA Piper as legal adviser and Germany’s Fichtner as technical adviser.

Repdo announced in January that it was planning to tender 12 projects in 2019 with a total capacity of 3.1GW. In addition to the 1.51GW of seven PV projects launched already, there are four remaining PV projects with a combined capacity of 1.1GW and a wind project with a capacity of 850MW.

The Kingdom revised its renewable energy targets in January, now aiming for an ambitious 27.3GW of clean energy by 2024 and 58.7GW by 2030. The 2024 target will include 20GW of PV solar, with the 2030 target including PV solar capacity of 40GW.

Repdo will spearhead the development of 30 per cent of the total capacity, with sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund to oversee the development of the remaining 70 per cent.

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