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Burners for Heating and Industrial Applications

ELCO manufactures burners for heating and industrial applications for the power industry.


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ELCO manufactures burners for heating and industrial applications for the power industry.

Environmentally friendly multi-fuel burners

With power stations worldwide running on different types of fuel, finding a burner that can run to the same standard on all fuels can be problematic for energy corporations.

ELCO’s NEXTRON burner can be ordered to power on gas fuel, dual fuel or light oil, making it highly adaptable and suitable for all power stations. Unlike other burners, the NEXTRON’s design is highly innovative, featuring an integrated switch cabinet and ISC system combined with a simple and user-friendly interface and Elcogram language system. It even contains ELCO’s Free Flame technology, the company’s environmentally sustainable system that reduces the impact of combustion on the environment and makes it a cleaner process.

RPD and EK-DUO: The maximum flexibility of the separate ventilation

ELCO’s Duoblock burners is designed to satisfy various types of civil and industrial installations, in respect of performance and dimensions. ELCO’s Duoblock series consist in two different ranges of burners:

The EK EVO features an open top design that makes the burner easy to clean.
The NEXTRON can run on gas fuel, duel fuel or light fuel to increase flexibility.
The PROTRON is Elco's latest burner for light industrial applications.
The separate fan in the RPD burner enables users to run more efficient operations.
  • EK-DUO, up to 16 MW, available in gas, light oil and duel fuel operation
  • RPD, up to 45 MW, suitable to work with gas, light oil, heavy oil and with simultaneous mixture combustion of multiple fuels

Users must separately install a fan to receive the full benefits of the Duoblock range, but these include:

  • Optimum sound absorption
  • Higher adaptability to any industry application
  • More access to burner head than other machines
  • Reduced weight loading on the boiler front
  • Increased efficiency by pre-heating combustion head

In addition to this, Duoblock burners come equipped with a modern incineration process, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to dispose of pollutants. This environmentally friendly approach is furthered by the integration of the Free Flame Technology and Diamond Head Technology, which reduces the impact of combustion on the environment through the rapid gasification of fuel and internal recirculation of the combustion gases.

EK EVO: Performant and flexible, even in extreme conditions

ELCO’s new series of burners, the EK EVO, feature a new, lighter weight design that increases flexibility of use, and a simple-to-use interface.

The aluminium body and 180° adjustable air inlet makes the system easier to clean and use than previous models; they can be installed up-firing, down-firing, upside-down or side-to-side, with twin chamber boilers.

EK EVO is fully controlled through the electronic ELCO man-machine interface, which provides simple and effective programming operations.

The whole project implies a complete multi-fuel high-power burner range up to 11MW and later 16MW, providing wide flexibility and robustness for industrial applications.

Additional features of the range include:

  • High modularity: a single type of bodywork has been designed to host all different versions: gas, dual fuel and light oil
  • Easy to install
  • The universal language Elcogram: the five-button keyboard and the display ensure user-friendly commissioning and easy communication
  • Maintenance can comfortably be carried out thanks to a wide cover in aluminium casting, which allows quick removal of all combustion devices as well as fan wheel inspection
  • Equipped with Free Flame Technology: ensures a clean and efficient combustion process
  • Contains an on-board switch box

PROTRON: designed for light industry applications

In addition to the EK EVO series, ELCO has also released a new range of burners: PROTRON.

The PROTRON is suitable for light industry applications, including ovens, dryers, spray booths, incinerators and hot air generators.

The main characteristics of the PROTRON range are:

  • High flexibility in any scenarios
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • High reliability
  • Eight different combinations of software programming

About ELCO

For more than 80 years ELCO has been an established brand, providing burners and other heating solutions to over 100 countries. ELCO prides itself on creating products that combine intelligent technology with energy-saving features.

ELCO is present worldwide thanks to its subsidiaries, located in Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands and two Sales Representative Offices in Russia and China.

Products & services

  • EK EVO High Power Burner

    The new EK EVO project implies a complete multi-fuel high-power burner range up to 11MW and later 16MW.

  • NEXTRON Burner

    The NEXTRON is a two-stage progressive forced draught burner available in electronic, pneumatic and mechanical configuration.

  • PROTRON Burner

    The PROTRON is a monoblock forced draught burner for light industry applications: ovens, dryers, spray booths, incinerators and hot air generators.

  • RPD Burner

    The RPD is a duoblock two stages progressive forced-draught burner with register, designed to be connected to an external air supply.

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