The PROTRON is a monoblock forced draught burner for light industry applications: ovens, dryers, spray booths, incinerators and hot air generators.

Key features include:

  • Fuel: natural gas and light oil
  • Combustion type: standard Low NOx class 2 or Low NOx class 3 with Free Flame technology
  • Power range: from 17 to 500 kW
  • Two flame tube lengths available
  • Two burner construction types available, cubic and gun-type, in order to assure optimal accessibility, maximum compactness, minimum weight and easy maintenance in any scenarios
  • Structure with metal parts assuring high temperature resistance
  • Quick Start System
  • Thermowatt control box equipped with MDE2 System and Elcogram, a universal language based on symbols and numerical data, providing an easy and interactive communication with the burner
  • Eight combinations of software programming to meet various application requirements