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YIT Industrial and Network Services

Turnkey Services for Piping Systems, and High-Pressure Piping, Boiler and Tank Projects

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YIT is the most versatile service provider of industrial maintenance and projects in the Nordic region. YIT is the market leader in high-pressure piping projects in northern Europe and supplies various piping system, boiler and tank projects.

YIT’s services cover everything from prefabricated piping and boiler components to turnkey projects comprising design, materials, prefabrication and installation. Services also include design and installation of industrial electricity, automation and ventilation as well as solutions for upgrading energy and material consumption (for example, energy-saving ESCO projects).

YIT’s industrial projects are implemented in Europe and Russia, while prefabricated piping, boiler components and tanks are supplied to our customers globally.

Piping systems, tanks, boiler projects and industrial ventilation

YIT can provide the following products and services:

  • Piping systems for the energy and process industries
  • Tanks, pulp towers, gas holders and heat accumulators
  • Boiler projects: modernization, component deliveries and service
  • Electricity and automation projects: electricity distribution, process electrification, automation installations, instrumentation and heat tracing
  • Industrial ventilation: ventilation and heat recovery solutions for the energy and process industries
  • Prefabrication: piping, boiler components and tanks
  • Energy and material-saving solutions (ESCO and MASCO)

Engineering and design efficiency in high-pressure piping, boiler and tank projects

When designing, the realities of the implementation have to be considered carefully. Our designers are top professionals, familiar with workshop methods and equipment as well as the actual on-site work. By having our own designers, we are able to implement projects with an added flexibility and improved economic efficiency.

Sourcing materials for piping systems, tanks and boiler components

The purchase of special materials requires special knowledge. We have the experience and the necessary contacts that enable us to save costs. Naturally, we have in-depth knowledge of the materials and standards used.

Prefabrication of piping system, boiler component and tank parts, and austenitic materials

The prefabrication of parts in the workshop reduces the amount of installation work and time needed on-site. The optimal manufacturing conditions also improve quality. Our comprehensive manufacturing permits and our familiarity with authority regulations speed up the whole project.

YIT has six engineering workshops specialized in high-pressure and low-pressure piping systems, boiler components, tanks and prefabrication of austenitic materials.

Installation expertise and safe working methods

Besides technical skill, in demanding projects you’ll need people with the right attitude and the ability to respond quickly. Our installation experts have what it takes, not hesitating to go the extra mile when needed. To us, every accident is one too many. Therefore, safe working methods are an integral part of our expertise.

High-pressure and low-pressure piping designed and installed in power plants

A significant piping project was implemented for Siemens at the Marchwood natural gas combined-cycle power plant in Southampton, UK, from 2008 to 2009. The project included, for example, the design, materials, prefabrication and installation of the high-pressure and low-pressure piping.

The piping, weighing in excess of 1,000t, was prefabricated in Ylivieska, Finland, and its installation provided jobs for over 200 people at the site. Siemens also ordered a similar piping project for the Severn Power natural gas combined-cycle power plant in Newport, Wales.