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Bridgestone Completes Manufacturing Energy Sales Tax Exemption Studies

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd recently announced the completion of separate sales tax exemption energy studies for two more manufacturing clients in Pennsylvania.

The two clients, an electronics component manufacturing facility and a commercial helicopter re-manufacturing plant, have used the results of these studies to file exemption certificates (Revenue Form 1220) with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to claim exemption from Sales and Use Taxes on the energy used directly in their manufacturing processes.

As a result of these studies, the electronics component manufacturer can claim an exemption from sales tax on 40% of the energy used within the plant, and the helicopter re-manufacturing plant can claim an exemption on 42% of their energy use.The remaining energy use in both facilities is for non-manufacturing purposes and is not exempt from sales taxes

"We have performed a number of these studies in the past as part of other energy audits and efficiency studies and are often surprised that some manufacturers don’t take full advantage of these savings," said Martin Anderson, President or Bridgestone Associates, Ltd."This is a straightforward way for manufacturers in Pennsylvania and other states with similar rules to reduce their energy costs by reducing the taxes they pay on their energy supplies" continued Mr. Anderson.

"For companies with new facilities or where new manufacturing equipment has been added, it is especially important to complete a new Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate or revise an existing one. This was the case for the electronics component manufacturer, who had recently re-located manufacturing operations to their administrative and research facilities."

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