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Tower, Pole and Foundation Support Structure Engineering and Design for Power Projects

4571 Broadway St,
80304 Colorado,
United States of America

4571 Broadway St,
80304 Colorado,
United States of America

engineering supply support structures powerG-Tower develops tower, pole and foundation support structure solutions such as engineering and supply services. These are used in power transmission and distribution, lighting, utility-scale / small / offshore wind, telecommunication, and solar applications.

The company focuses on the technical and commercial aspects of energy infrastructure projects.

Tower / pole engineering and supply services for the energy sector

G-Tower performs tower / pole engineering work using an expert team in the US and Canada. It provides engineering services for:

  • Steel and wood poles
  • Steel lattice towers
  • Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite poles and towers
  • Tower accessories
  • Foundations
  • Transmission lines

The company also offers drafting and detailing, finite element analysis, engineering reviews, in-place cost comparisons between various structure scenarios, as well as technical advisory and management.

As part of its reliable power solutions, G-Tower supplies towers, poles, accessories, fabrication and site inspection, as well as project management and procurement services. The company manages support structure aspects of energy infrastructure projects and offers engineering for clients, owners or investors.

In-place cost comparisons for global power projects

G-Tower meticulously analyses various structure alternatives using in-place cost comparisons for the benefit of its client’s projects.

In-place cost comparison summarises material supply, foundation assembly, erection, and operation and maintenance costs. The company analyses the pole / tower material such as steel, wood, FRP composite, aluminium or concrete, and identifies the most suitable tower configuration for the client’s project. This includes lattice versus pole, self-supported versus guyed, round cross-section versus brake-formed, and weather steel versus galvanisation.

G-Tower provides engineering and supply services to individual client projects. In-place cost comparison analyses help to identify the best tower / pole material and configuration for a transmission line project. This prepares the preliminary-level transmission line design to find the most feasible generation tie connection for the windfarm or solar farm projects. Various aspects such as substation connection, topography, environmental assessment, land matters and material availability are considered.

The company’s mission is to be a reliable partner, which brings value to power projects.

About G-Tower

G-Tower is at the centre of the renewable energy industry at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, US. Main clients include American, Canadian and European utility companies and prime contractors.

The company works with highly reputable lattice tower and pole manufacturers in Turkey and the US to provide support for global projects.

Towers, poles and related accessories are shipped to many worldwide regions, including North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Please contact Güneş Demirbaş via the enquiry form if you are looking for a support structure expert for technical and commercial comparisons of various tower or pole-related subjects.


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