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TNC Tecnoconsulting

Power Plant Engineering and Development

Via Industria, 31/14 30010,


We have developed our engineering expertise in the following types of plants and systems:

  • Co-generation plants (condensation cycles, back pressure, or recovery)
  • Downstream and fermentation plants for the chemical or pharmaceutical industry
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Flue gas or smokes treatment plants
  • Potable water distribution and pumping plants
  • Gas extraction, treatment and distributions plants
  • Pulp and paper preparation and production plants
  • Industrial furnaces and boiler plants

We are currently developing in the field of renewable energy.

Mechanical, instrumentation and electrical engineering

Our mechanical, instrumental and electrical engineering capabilities include:

  • Vessels, pressure devices and structural engineering
  • Racks and supporting engineering
  • Devices and apparatus data sheets
  • Pipe dimensioning
  • Sketches with cross interference
  • Bill of materials for purchasing or manufacturing
  • Dimensioning and calculations on vessels, valves or carpentry
  • Site assistance and start up

Development services

We offer a wide range of development services, including:

  • Preparation of tender documents or works
  • Plants and devices certifications or documentation
  • Related assistance or supervision
  • Instrument specification development
  • Cables lists, specification and routing development
  • Wiring diagram development
  • JB specifications and wiring diagram
  • Loop diagram development
  • MTO electrical and instrumentation development
  • Specification about control systems
  • Control strategy and narrative development

Turnkey project management

In addition to our services, we can manage turnkey jobs. Our project managing structure can provide, install and run the following types of systems or facilities:

  • Control cabinets and systems
  • Analysis cabinets and systems (liquids or gases)
  • BMS control cabinets and systems
  • Skid-mounted systems for liquids or gases
  • Field electronic or pneumatic instrumentation
  • Manual, on/off, control and safety valves
  • Voltage regulators
  • Speed controllers for water or steam turbines

For all the supplied equipment, we can provide after-sales service and contracts for both scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Control systems for thermoelectric power plants

TNC Tecnoconsulting supplies control systems for thermoelectric power plants with steam turbine and gas turbines, as well as for plants using energy-steam combined cycles.

The plant supervision system implemented by TNC Tecnoconsulting covers turbo-generators, heaters, heat recovery systems, super-heaters, cooling towers, auxiliary plants, fume analysis, electricity and gas cabinets.

PLC systems

We develop automation and control systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) of the main manufacturer. TNC Tecnoconsulting has developed applications with PLC systems ranging from the simplest to the most complex, PC-based PLC and soft-PLC, suitable to work also in aggressive environments or in explosion-risk areas.

DCS systems

TNC Tecnoconsulting is always updating its knowledge and applications. Through state-of-the-art, last generational DCS systems (built by the main world manufacturer) we can manage: diagnostic systems, managing interface systems, optimisation and process control systems.

TNC Tecnoconsulting can realise distributed control systems with a continuous presence on the site, until the start-up is complete and final customer acceptance.

About us

For more than ten years we can proudly state that we have offered our customers knowledge, flexibility, timeliness, competitiveness and reliability. Our goal and philosophy is to be always in direct contact with our international customers.

TNC Tecnoconsulting SRL

Via Industria, 31/14 30010