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Dynamic Water-Jet Cutting Systems, Abrasive Jet Machining, and UHP Water-Jet Cleaning

Via leopardi 3,
Castelletto ticino,
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Via leopardi 3,
Castelletto ticino,
28053 Other,

Guazzoni specializes in laser profile and water-jet cutting services. These include dynamic water-jets, water-jet cutting systems, abrasive jet machining and UHP water-jet cleaning. It also supplies cutting plates.

Water-jet cutting, cleaning and surface preparation services, abrasive decoating water-jets, hydroblast systems, and slicing water-jets are also available from Guazzoni.

Water-jet cutting and cleaning systems

Guazzoni's range of water-jet systems includes:

  • Water-jet cutting systems with a working range of 13m x 5m x 2m that can cut any material up to 500mm
  • N°1 87,000psi flow dynamic water-jets
  • N°2 five-axis water-jets
  • N°1 drilling water-jets, stripping water-jets and UHP cleaning water-jets
  • N°1 laser drilling and five-axis cutting water-jets
  • N°1 hydro-abrasive cutting plates and technology for cutting any material

High-pressure water-jet drill

The high-pressure water-jet drill provides improved cutting performance, a reduction of hole-cleaning problems and cheaper costs.

Coating-removal water-jet cutting systems

Guazzoni provides three-dimensional water-jet cutting for coating removal on turbine blades, nozzles, ring segments, compressor rotors / stators, spares and blades.

High-pressure coating-removal for turbine engines

Turbine engines up to 120in in diameter can have their coating removed using an ultra-high-pressure water-jet coating removal system.

Water-jet cutting systems for pipes, tubes and fittings

The Guazzoni portfolio also includes water-jet cutting systems for pipes, tubes and fittings made of a variety of materials.

Multi-material water-jet cutting systems

With Guazzoni's water-jet cutting technology you can cut almost any type of material. The company's water-jet cutting systems are especially ideal for cutting materials that cannot be cut by a laser or thermal cut.

Water-jet engineers, inspectors, project managers and construction advisors

Guazzoni Services provide efficient, cost-effective service for any OEM's water-jets. Experienced engineers, inspectors, project managers and construction advisors create a single-source solution provider.

Advantages of water-jet cutting systems

Guazzoni's intelligent system solutions and high-value products help its customers to be more successful. With water-jet cutting you can reduce costs and speed up processing by eliminating or reducing expensive secondary processes. Since no heat is applied to the material, cut edges are clean and have minimal burr.

Customised water-jets

Guazzoni develops new technologies and uses them to open up additional opportunities. It combines economic success with environmental and social responsibility, thus contributing to a better future. Guazzoni can custom-tailor service solutions to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Five-axis laser and five-axis water-jet machining cutting, drilling and marking shops

Guazzoni has shops for water-jet services all over Italy. Services provided include five-axis laser and five-axis water-jet machining, cutting, drilling and marking.

About Guazzoni

Guazzoni celebrates its 47th anniversary this year, yet it remains a modern, innovative and internationally groundbreaking company. A pioneer in the development of water-jets worldwide, Guazzoni has sold to over 1,800 customers globally, and has over 90,000 hours of operating experience.


Via leopardi 3

Castelletto ticino