Hilsonic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist ultrasonic cleaning equipment for both the marine and power generation industries, with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of specialist ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a range of applications, such as industrial, medical and commercial cleaning.

Ultrasound is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all kinds of hard surfaces. A Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaner has unique properties that can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes and sizes with technical complexity, penetrating holes, cavities, infernal fuel, oil and water veins that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the power generation industry

Hilsonic is regarded as an international leader in the supply of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the power generation and marine industries. Hilsonic offers systems that are suitable for a variety of purposes within these industries, including the cleaning of heat exchangers, intercoolers, charged air filter elements and particle filters. The systems are also widely used for the cleaning of engine parts, including pistons, valves, cylinder heads and engine blocks.

Ultrasonic cleaner for intercoolers and engine components

Due to the vast size variation within the industry Hilsonic has developed a range of systems to accommodate this diversity. Hilsonic’s standard ultrasonic intercooler cleaning tanks are available in four standard versions as listed below.

Hilsonic is an international leader in the supply of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the power generation and marine industries.
Hilsonic’s industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks are provided with full support, including accessories and service.
Hilsonic manufactures custom-built ultrasonic cleaning tanks of all shapes and sizes.
Hilsonic’s IST2000 model is an ideal workshop sized system for midsized components.
Hilsonic’s bench-top ultrasonic cleaning tanks are the ideal solution for small-scale cleaning problems.
  • IST2000 – the most compact tank in the range, the IST2000 with internal dimensions of 500mm x 500mm x 300mm is an ideal portable system for cleaning small engine parts and filters
  • IST3000 – this versatile system with internal dimensions of 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 1,000mm has a high level of ultrasonic power with options for pump, filter and skimming systems
  • IST4000 – with internal dimensions of 2,000mm x 1,500mm x 1,500mm the IST4000 is designed for larger components such as heat exchangers, intercoolers, and major engine components. It comes with pump and filter as standard and with its accommodating size is a popular choice for both land and offshore use
  • IST5000 – with internal dimensions of 3,000mm x 2,000mm x 2,000mm the IST5000 is the largest standard system in the range, and is built to accommodate the largest coolers and heat exchangers

Custom-built ultrasonic cleaning tanks

In addition to our standard ultrasonic cleaner Hilsonic also has the ability to provide bespoke systems to any shape and size. With a huge range of frequencies, densities and power ratings, Hilsonic’s custom-built models will always deliver the best cleaning results with no compromise on quality or reliability. In addition, our bespoke systems can often potentially offer savings over opting for the closest ‘standard system’ and it is this level of diversity and flexibility that often makes us ‘the engineer’s choice’.

For more complex bespoke applications Hilsonic will be happy to consult fully with the customer throughout the process in order to develop the right system for the application.

Bench-top ultrasonic cleaning tanks

For small-scale cleaning problems Hilsonic’s bench-top ultrasonic cleaning tanks are the ideal solution. Hilsonic’s Performance bench-top ultrasonic cleaning tanks are constructed in stainless steel and are designed for long-lasting durability, while the Budget bench-top ultrasonic cleaning tanks offer good cleaning performance at a reasonable price, without cutting any corners in terms of ultrasonic power.