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Dry-Ice Blasting for Power-Generation Equipment

8050 Beckett Center Drive,
Suite 316,
West Chester,
Ohio 45069 Other,
United States of America

8050 Beckett Center Drive,
Suite 316,
West Chester,
Ohio 45069 Other,
United States of America

Power-generation professionals know that one key to peak performance is clean electrical equipment. However, the demand to keep equipment running often leads to deferred cleaning and maintenance, reduced efficiency, and in some cases outages caused by flashover.

IceTech’s dry-ice blasting is the most effective, safest and cleanest way of cleaning power-generation equipment. All equipment from small electric motors to entire power stations can be cleaned without the use of chemicals.

Non-conductive, environmentally responsible cleaning for power-generation equipment

IceTech dry-ice blasting provides a non-conductive, environmentally responsible cleaning process that allows equipment to be cleaned in-place, without cool-down or disassembly. In addition, the outage time typically needed for cleaning can be reduced by up to 65%.

Carbon, grease and dirt contribute to low megohm readings as well as catastrophic equipment failure. IceTech dry-ice cleaning removes these contaminants, improving readings and restoring machine efficiency.

Online power-generation equipment cleaning

IceTech dry-ice blasting often allows a company’s production equipment to be cleaned while in operation, thus eliminating the need for dismantling and costly downtime – a significant economic benefit.

Dry-ice blasting equipment sales, leasing or renting

Contract cleaners have grown their businesses with dry-ice blasting by decreasing project costs and increasing efficiency. You can buy, lease or rent IceTech Dry-ice blasting equipment.

Just some of the many applications for our equipment are listed below:

  • Turbines
  • Compressors and generators
  • AC/DC motors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switch gears
  • Transformers
  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Insulators
  • Field frames
  • Substation isolators and bushings
  • Fire and smoke damage

Contact IceTech to obtain expert advice on choosing the best cleaning solution for your application.

Advantages of cleaning with dry-ice blasting equipment

The benefits of using dry-ice blasting equipment to clean your power-generation equipment are manifold, and include:

  • Reduced catastrophic failure
  • Improved megohm readings
  • Increased polarization indices
  • Improved thermal dissipation
  • Reduced outage time for cleaning (by 65%)
  • Elimination of secondary waste
  • Non-conduction
  • Non-abrasiveness
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning

Reduced-waste cleaning for power-generation equipment

Costs connected with the disposal of hazardous chemicals or solvents are saved because dry ice vaporizes on contact with the surface being treated. Only the dislodged coating material must be removed from beneath the treated object.

Efficient, rapid and equipment-protective dry-ice blasting

Dry-ice blasting is extremely efficient, takes little time and does not in any way damage equipment being cleaned. Your investment in our dry-ice blasting equipment is therefore paid back within a short space of time.

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