GP Service plans, organises and manages activities of control and inspection, with a team of specialists in the fields of 3D metrology services, alignments, non-destructive testing, inspection and expediting.

With service centres in Italy and Bosnia Herzegovina and our head office in China, we can operate all over Europe and worldwide. We carry out inspections, expediting, 3D metrology services, alignment and non-destructive testing at the customer and / or at its suppliers’ location.

Flexibility, knowledge, experience and ability to operate wherever the customer needs it – these are the factors that make GP Service a strategic partner for companies in metalworking and in the field of mechanical engineering.

We have experience in many different areas, such as:

GP Service plans, organises and manages activities of control and inspection.
Our staff are experienced in various sectors: 3D metrology, welding inspection, welding technology, NDT and expediting.
Measuring large volumes is possible with innovative metrology systems such as laser trackers.
GP Service provides metrology services for any application that requires accurate dimensional measurement.
Carrying out inspections and expediting activities is of fundamental importance to ensure quality and timely delivery of products ordered.
Non destructive testing allows the evaluation of many different materials, such as castings, forging and welded joints.
  • Oil and gas
  • Nuclear
  • Carpentry and mechanical constructions
  • Iron and steel
  • Castings
  • Mechanical processing
  • Shipbuilding

GP Service provides a range of services in quality control. Our staff are experienced in various sectors such as 3D metrology, welding inspection, welding technology, NDT and expediting.

3D metrology services

GP Service provides metrology services for any application that requires accurate dimensional measurement. The misalignment of the production lines is an important cause of machinery failure. Misalignments can cause machine downtime and a significant decrease in production performance. Generally, misalignment is caused by inadequate measurement techniques. An alignment increases the life of bearings and couplings, but also reduces vibrations and excessive wear.

Laser tracker devices are ideal for many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment. This accurate and fast method reduces downtime, improves quality and represents an extraordinary support for the assembly and regulation of plants.

GP Service is able to intervene with its 3D measurement technicians and laser equipments and coordinate with the maintenance and montage teams.

Dimensional testing

In many areas, the measurement of large objects is a common requirement. Measuring large volumes is possible with innovative metrology equipment such as laser trackers.

Testing of mechanical compliance with the specifications of a product is of fundamental importance to all manufacturing companies. GP Service uses innovative tools for determining the dimensions of mechanical components, by using measurement systems that guarantee maximum accuracy on a very wide range of details, with dimensions ranging in size from a few centimetres to tens of metres. We can measure position, perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity, surface profile, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, symmetry and concentricity.

Laser trackers are portable and ideal for use at our customers’ location and / or at their sub-contractors’. They are accurate and reliable instruments that take measurements with an excellent level of accuracy. We can use anthropomorphic arms for details with relatively limited dimensions and laser trackers for larger details, ensuring extremely accurate, fast and reliable results.

Inspections and expediting

Carrying out inspections and expediting activities is of fundamental importance to ensure quality and timely delivery of products ordered. These activities are particularly critical when the sub-suppliers are far away and the management of possible non-compliance on the supply could become very complex for logistical reasons.

Expediting is especially needed when a delay caused by late delivery or inferior quality will get very expensive and could lead to unsatisfied clients. Expediting can save these unnecessary costs and minimise potential risks.

Independent inspection ensures that the standards you expect are met at every stage. GP Service inspection services helps you to reduce risk through a qualified quality control.

Welding inspectors and welding technologist can check every step of the production, ensuring the conformity of the production and quality control with the defined standards.

GP Service covers inspection and expediting in production control, quality control, packing / transport survey, providing testing services directly to the sub-supplier wherever it is located to ensure the customer that the products ordered will be delivered on time and meeting the agreed quality.

GP Service can support the sub-supply in terms of inspections and expediting with the following goals:

  • Checking compliance with the agreed quality plan
  • Identifying any problems associated with the supply
  • Verifying compliance with the terms of the supply
  • Performing the final inspection for the release of the details ordered

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

GP Service has highly qualified personnel and advanced equipment to perform non-destructive testing. All personnel involved in testing activities holds a level III or a level II UH EM 150 9712 certification (also in accordance with PED) and it carries out its work with high quality instruments, constantly monitored and calibrated.

We perform tests with the following methods:

  • Liquid penetrant examination: through the capillarity action. This technique allows detecting surface defects on ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Magnetic particle: magnetic verifications allow identifying surface and sub-surface defects in metal parts, highlighting magnetic leakage fields that arise around cracks or defects
  • Ultrasomic examination: CND with ultrasounds are based on the propagation of elastic wave beams having a frequency higher than the sound waves perceivable by the human ear. Ultrasound waves sent into the area to be examined are reflected, refracted or deflected according to the laws common to all wave propagation phenomena. Therefore, discontinuities recorded allow identifying defects on the materials examined
  • X-ray and gamma graphs: X-ray is also one of the most common non-destructive testing methods used in mechanical engineering. Analysis of X-rays can diagnose porosity, poor penetration, cracks and inclusions. Our instrumentation includes equipment for radiography, gammagraphy, ultrasound and magnetic inspections

NDT Training

Whoever leads NDT, need training and accredited certification.

GP Service offers not only technicians, but also trainers in the field of non-destructive testing. Our professional education allows the training of staff employed to non-destructive testing that are recognised anywhere in Europe.

Our staff follow a detailed training programme, both in the theoretical and in and practical aspects. It is qualified operators, level III in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9712 in VT, PT MT and UT methods.

Therefore, the training carried out by non-destructive testing GP Service is not just theory, but also direct experience on the job.

About GP Group

GP Service is part of GP Group, a network of service companies offering a wide range of integrated management and quality systems services in the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector. For our customers we are a competent and specialised partner, capable of providing diversified answers to needs in the field of quality control, non-destructive testing, expediting, system implementation consulting, as well as management of test equipment.

The advantage of our approach is clear: acting as single point of contact, capable of supporting the customer in every aspect of quality management; a partner that provides operating and consulting services in Italy and abroad, ranging from dimensional testing, non-destructive testing, system certification (quality, safety and environment), product marking and calibration of measurement instruments.

The partners of GP Group are:

  • GP Service: dimensional testing, non destructive testing, expediting
  • Metlab: management, maintenance and calibration of measuring equipment
  • Iscon: management control, quality management systems, integrated systems, product certification, CE marking