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Control and Power Management Systems

Campus Business Center,
Jan Tinbergenstraat 278,
7559 ST Hengelo,

Campus Business Center,
Jan Tinbergenstraat 278,
7559 ST Hengelo,

Holland-Controls has over 100 years of engineering experience in controlling gas turbines. We offer optimum control system solutions for existing turbines, reciprocating engines and related equipment.

Controls systems for turbine installations

Holland-Controls is a specialist in the market of control systems for turbine installations. Our capabilities include control systems for gas installations, reciprocating engines, steam turbines, station control systems and electric power management systems.

Control system design, parts and assembly

Holland-Controls offers a complete spectrum of services for control systems, including specification, software and hardware design, parts procurement and system assembly, in-house and on-site testing, subcontracting and supervision for on-site construction, commissioning, handover, customer training and support.

Gas compression and storage control services

Holland-Controls has experience in station control applications, including gas compression and storage. For gas compression, we ensure the stable operation of dissimilar compressors running in parallel; suction or discharge pressure control; discharge temperature control; flow control; start control; valve control / operating mode selection; and safety shutdown control.

For gas storage, we oversee wellhead control, station mode control, start / stop sequencing, flow, pressure and temperature control, gas heater, dryer and regeneration control, and safety shutdown control.

Power management systems

Holland-Controls has significant experience in power management systems where multiple generators are running in parallel on an isolated grid. This includes the following:

  • Load sharing
  • Reactive load sharing
  • Grid voltage control
  • Grid frequency control
  • Load shedding using different schemes
  • Load inhibition – inhibits turning on loads if this would endanger grid stability
  • Speciality synchronisation schemes, for example tiebreakers
  • Dead bus detection

Steam turbine controller retrofits

Holland-Controls provides steam turbine controller retrofits. In one retrofit, we replaced an analog Woodward governor with a digital equivalent. The work included obtaining the operating parameters and limits of the existing system and designing of the new control system and software specification.

Power plant control system upgrades / retrofits

Control systems tend to age faster than the equipment they are controlling due to rapid advancements in electronics and software. Retrofitting an old control system leads to a more efficient, accurate and reliable installation while lowering the cost of ownership. This results in better information about the operation of the installation, making it possible to operate engines closer to their limits without affecting engine life. This enhances the overall performance of your plant.

Limited, control-system-only and complete system upgrades

The retrofitting of existing control systems is one of the important areas of Holland-Controls’ expertise. We offer various levels of control system upgrades (retrofits) to suit your needs, which can take place in various shapes and formats depending on the criticality of the system involved, the money that can justifiably be spent on it and the competence already available on site. This includes the following:

  • Limited control system upgrades: if a particular component is causing trouble, but the installation is not highly critical, only the troubled component is replaced
  • Control-system-only upgrades: if the instrumentation on the engine is sufficiently modern, it is worthwhile to consider only upgrading the control system
  • Field instrumentation modernisation: for example, replacing the hydraulic fuel valve by an electric version or switch-type sensors by analog instruments to dramatically improve the diagnostics capability of the system
  • Complete system upgrades: involves “stripping and upgrading everything with a wire” to achieve a system that is as new as when first installed and meets today's standards and practices

Power plant control system consultancy / engineering services

Holland-Controls provides consultancy / engineering services for the design of control system upgrades or independent second opinion on current projects. We can offer the following consultancy services:

  • Design specification
  • Second opinion engineering
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Commissioning 

Control system technical support

Besides consultancy, Holland-Controls can provide technical support for control systems. Our staff are technically qualified and know many installations and types of equipment inside out.

ISO-quality control system design

Holland-Controls complies to relevant European standards related to CE, ATEX and PED. Our uniform engineering methods and practices according to ISO 9001:2008 procedures enable reliable customer solutions.


Equipment dealt with by our engineers include Rolls-Royce RB211, Rolls-Royce Avon, Rolls-Royce Olympus, General Electric Frame 3, GE Frame 5, Solar Centaur, Solar Mars, Solar Taurus, Allison KB5 and KC5, as well as Cooper Bessemer, Superior and Dresser Rand reciprocating engines.

Based on vast experience and a wide variety of units and applications, we stand our claim and can do a control system retrofit on almost any gas turbine and recip engine.

Our customers include Fluxys, Rolls-Royce, StatoilHydro, E.on Ruhrgas, OMV, EECT, Bayer, EECT, Petrobras and Halliburton. Please visit our website for full details.

Copper Mountain Solar 1

The Copper Mountain Solar 1 photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant is located in Boulder City, Nevada, approximately 65km south-east of Las Vegas.

Holland-Controls to Attend Powergen Europe

Holland-Controls, which builds engineers, builds, installs and commissions turn-key PLC-based control system retrofits and upgrades for existing gas turbine packages, will be exhibiting at Powergen Europe, which will be held in Amsterdam on 8-10 June 2010. The company will be located at booth P

Holland-Controls B.V.

Campus Business Center

Jan Tinbergenstraat 278

7559 ST Hengelo