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Speed Signal Measurement Solutions

Thannerstrasse 15,
4009 Basel,

Thannerstrasse 15,
4009 Basel,

Handling rotational speed – detecting, measuring, monitoring and processing speed – is the core business of JAQUET Technology Group.

JAQUET offers the world’s most versatile range of solutions for the measurement of speed signals. Our expertise and know-how in automotive, diesel and gas engine, hydraulics, industrial machinery, marine, railway, turbine and compressor and
turbocharger applications ensures you an optimum solution. Completely matched to your individual requirements, meeting key industrial standards and certifications, our products help reduce your total costs.

Multi-channel overspeed protection

Whether your machine is a 500MW steam turbine or a gas turbine / compressor set, JAQUET’s FT3000 is configurable to provide ultimate protection and plant availability. Its fast reaction time and acceleration function enable operation at maximum
efficiency without compromising system safety. Naturally IEC 61508 SIL3 certified and API 670 compliant, the flexibility of FT3000 allows its use in any OEM or retrofit application.

Measurement / protection modules, with or without display

If one or two channels of monitoring are sufficient, JAQUET T400 modules offer an ultra cost-effective solution. T401 provides current output and a set point relay; T411 adds a five-digit display. T420 builds a SIL2 measurement and protection chain when used with JAQUET’s IQ speed sensor, or can be used for speed and direction in conjunction with a JAQUET DSY sensor and T401.

New: JAQUET T500 Dualtach and T600 Multitasker series

JAQUET’s FT1400’s offer single channel protection with two or four relays. This range is now being replaced by the T500 Dualtach and T600 Multitasker lines, new generation two-channel solutions offering a host of useful features for machine
monitoring. Please see our brochure for further details.

Pole bands and pole wheels

Should your machine not already be fitted with a suitable means of generating speed signals, JAQUET provides a total solution starting at the shaft. Small standard pole wheels, with or without boss, single or two-piece are available along with
tailor-made pole bands for large diameter shafts.

Speed sensors

JAQUET has a speed sensor for every reason; need to detect creeping of a hydro-turbine? Or maybe measure the complete speed range of a gas turbine in a hazardous area? Been there, done that, got the sensor. Of course they are provided with the
appropriate environmental approval and certification for your application.

Engine diagnostics

The performance and health of reciprocating engines can be diagnosed from the progress of rotation. JAQUET’s MDS4000 delivers cylinder-specific information allowing event based maintenance as opposed to often unnecessary scheduled overhaul. Faults are
detected at an early stage, avoiding operation with increased fuel consumption and ultimately catastrophic failure.


Experienced application engineers are available to discuss your project and specific needs – please contact us via the many opportunities shown on our website.

JAQUET Technology Group

Thannerstrasse 15

4009 Basel