Mac Lead

Mac Instruments supplies a variety of moisture analysers, steam-flow metres, and transmitter sensors for measurement of humidity levels in high-temperature applications.

Industrial moisture analysers and sensors

Our range of absolute humidity meters can be used to measure moisture levels in temperatures up to 1,315°C, as well as in flames.

The Mac 125 is available in two voltage options, 120V / 60Hz and 230V / 50Hz, and features a stainless-steel barrel, as well as a cast-aluminium case. The system also has a waterproof design, which makes it suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Our moisture measurement system uses a humidity sensor to produce an accurate reading based on the partial pressure of water vapour unlike standard solutions, which use chemicals, compressed air, and wet bulb techniques..

The Mac 125 uses a durable sensor to detect humidity levels in industrial applications.
We offer Mac 155 solutions for accurate moisture readings in stack emissions.
Our steam-flow metres and transmitters feature an easy-to-read gauge, which displays the mass flow-rate of steam.

The sensor is protected from temperature damage by a 10µ removable ceramic filter element.

The Mac 125 is also equipped with a user-friendly humidity display meter, and can be easily mounted on stacks, ducts, flues, and ovens.

Optional extras are available for installations with high ambient temperatures, or additional sampling needs.

Humidity measurement systems for continuous stack monitoring

We offer solutions designed to continuously monitor industrial stack gas emissions.

Our Mac 155 system is capable of measuring the percentage of moisture in exhaust gases in temperatures of up to 1,315°C.

The Mac 155 moisture analyser comprises a humidity probe and a transmitter, which meet Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations, and can be fitted directly onto stacks and ducts for high and low-frequency readings.

The analyser transmitter features an in-built calibrator, which performs daily two-point systems checks. During tests, the sensor is flooded with a user-defined reference gas to ensure optimum performance of the system.

The internal tank of the Mac 155 holds enough water to generate vapour samples for approximately one year of calibration checks.

Our system also includes a highly sensitive humidity probe capable of detecting water vapour in gas mixtures, and providing immediate exhaust humidity level readings.

The analyser is programmed and operated using the easy-to-read Mac 155 controller, which powers the probe through a serial communication link.

High-temperature steam flow measurement

Our rugged steam-flow meters measure and control process steam for end-of-the-run applications.

Units provide highly accurate readings from areas where steam is expelled through pipes or nozzles near to atmospheric pressure, including process ovens, atmospheric blanchers, sparging tanks, and steam educators.

Steam-flow rate transmitters provide analogue output signals of 0-5VDC 4-20mA, or 0-20mA, which can be used to drive remote digital indicators and chart recorders.

Manufactured from 300 series stainless-steel, the flow meters and rate transmitters are durable and corrosion-resistant, which makes them suitable for continuous industrial use.

About Mac Instruments

The company has been manufacturing high-quality, heavy duty, and industrial instruments in Sandusky, Ohio, US, since 1990.

Mac Instruments has grown to become a world leader in high-temperature moisture measurement solutions for industrial processes.