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Process Control Systems for the Power Industry

Promecon is a designer and manufacturer of advanced technology measurement systems for thermal process optimisation and monitoring.

Steinfeldstr. 5,
39179 Barleben,

Promecon is a designer and manufacturer of advanced technology measurement systems for thermal process optimisation and monitoring.

We serve a broad range of industries, including power generation, cement, metal smelter and waste incineration.

Process control systems for the power industry

Promecon offers patented process control systems that reduce emissions and enhance plant efficiency and operability.

Our state-of-the-art microwave technology exceeds common limitations of measurement technology with accuracy, durability and low maintenance requirements.

In the thermal and industrial process industry, Promecon offers accurate and reliable measurement systems, process data generation and plant optimisation.

Thermal and industrial measurement for the power industry

Promecon delivers digital online flow measurement systems for novel applications in thermal and industrial measurement and control processes.

We explore the physical limits of accurate flow measurement for gas and solid mass flows in terms of temperature, flow dynamics or multiphase flow. Promecon also upgrades complex control loops to improve process control quality.

We manufacture accurate digital measurement devices that measure, collect and transmit process data and raw material for improved process control of thermal and industrial processes.

Our measurement systems were designed to improve the operations of the world-leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery, pollution control, as well as process components and systems.

We are industrial process experts who specialise in instrument and technology development.

Promecon has been recognised for the high quality and reliability of its measurement systems and process optimisation tools in a broad range of applications around the world.

Flow measurement for hot and dust-laden gases

As we operate in different industries, our products are characterised by focus and specialisation to ensure efficiency in each thermal or industrial process.

Our airflow measurement system McON Air Compact is a single channel solution that works according to a patented correlation principle. The system measures the time of flight of unique signal patterns created by particles contained in the gas.

We also offer technology focused specifically on temperature measurement, the mass flow rate in coal pipe, unburnt coal content (UBC) and density.

About Promecon

Promecon specialises in delivering complete solutions that guarantee technical success and fast return on investment. We focus on innovation in measurement techniques and customer-specific solutions for extremely demanding applications.

Our measurement systems are key components for our clients to achieve environmental compliance and lower energy consumption, as well as reduce maintenance costs and increase operational safety.

Promecon is based in Barleben near Magdeburg, Germany, and has a subsidiary in the US.


Steinfeldstr. 5

39179 Barleben