WearCheck’s oil and wear particle analysis packages offer you the tools to manage a condition monitoring program for your industrial systems. Save money by maximizing your oil change-out intervals, and by detecting the ingress of contaminants from the manufacturing environment in time to save the oil and avoid unnecessary wear.

Condition-based maintenance programs offer significant benefits over interval-based maintenance programs, including cost savings, extended component life, and drastically reduced downtime. Changing from a ‘reactive’ maintenance strategy to a ‘proactive’ strategy is the approach being adopted by more and more companies today.

WearCheck’s oil analysis programs are effectively used today for a broad range of systems operation in a wide variety of industries, including hydraulic systems, wind turbines, gas turbines, gear boxes, bearing systems, refrigeration, compressors and stand-by generator sets.

Oil analysis and fluid management for the power generation industry

WearCheck’s advanced oil monitoring (AOM) determines the levels of remaining antioxidants in the oil, detects unwanted oil contamination and will accurately
determine the suitability of the lubricant for continued use. A comprehensive diagnosis will warn you of any potential for damaging contamination including water, particulate and varnish build-up, and includes recommendations for any necessary maintenance actions to remove contaminants and restore the lubricant to proper operating conditions.

WearCheck's oil and wear particle analysis packages enable you to manage a condition monitoring program for your industrial systems.
WearCheck provides oil analysis and fluid management for the power generation industry.
WearCheck advanced oil monitoring provides peace of mind about the operating condition of large industrial turbines and compressors.
PQ analysis detects and measures the mass of ferrous wear debris within a lubricant sample.
WearCheck provides oil analysis for industrial wind turbines.

WearCheck tailors the analysis package to meet the client’s unique requirements.  This ensures the most valuable and useful information allowing for the correct maintenance decision and actions to be performed.

Oil monitoring for industrial turbines and compressors

Turbines and compressors have demanding lubrication requirements. The comprehensive oil testing provided by WearCheck advanced oil monitoring provides peace of mind about the operating condition of large industrial turbines and compressors.

WearCheck’s advanced oil monitoring is intended for use with gas, steam, hydro-electric and aero-derivative turbines, and large reciprocating and rotary

PQ analysis of lubricants

Many large industrial systems generate ferrous wear particles when they are in an abnormal wear mode. These large particles are invisible to traditional techniques like spectrographic analysis. PQ analysis quickly and accurately detects and measures the mass of ferrous wear debris within a lubricant sample, enabling you to conduct a detailed analysis to pinpoint an impending failure.

Varnish potential testing of oil

In industrial equipment such as turbines the oil may be in use for many years before a complete oil change, which means that harmful varnish and sludge can build up. Varnish potential testing allows you to identify oils that have a high varnish potential, enabling an oil change to be scheduled before equipment failure can occur.

Oil analysis for industrial wind turbines

Industrial wind turbines have some of the most demanding lubrication requirements and even routine maintenance tasks can be time-consuming and difficult. The comprehensive oil analysis provided by WearCheck advanced oil monitoring ensures the condition of wind turbine lubricants.

Benefits of a condition-based maintenance program

A well-run condition monitoring program will achieve a substantial reduction in maintenance and operating cost. Detection of ingressed contaminants from the manufacturing environment, including process contaminants, dirt and water, alerts you in time to perform filtration service, saving oil and avoiding unnecessary wear.

WearCheck’s analysis can detect subtle changes in the levels of wear metals present in the system oil. Failure due to worn out components can be avoided long before those components are worn out of specification.

Our clients have seen the following benefits in their operations:

  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • Effective maintenance scheduling
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Reduction in maintenance cost
  • Maximization of oil change-out intervals
  • Reduction in machine power consumption

Management and reporting of oil analysis programs

WearCheck is the leader in providing its clients with the management tools required to centralize results for better maintenance decisions through WebCheck®. WebCheck uses your Internet browser to give you access to your sample data. Log on to a secure website, search and track your oil analysis samples, and print sample and management reports all from your web browser.

With WebCheck you can schedule maintenance actions, manage your equipment, take and confirm maintenance actions, review oil analysis results, generate management reports, and effectively manage your oil analysis program.

Condition-based maintenance management

The laboratories of WearCheck have a simple goal – to reliably, quickly and economically provide the information needed for successful condition-based maintenance management. We accomplish this with a facility staffed by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable lubricant analysis experts and state-of-the-art instrumentation and Internet technology available.

At WearCheck we are committed to providing our clients with financial saving, teamwork, objectivity and total client satisfaction.