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X-Ray-Based Non-Destructive Testing Systems

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YXLON International offers X-ray based non-destructive testing systems and services all over the world. Whether in the automotive, electronics or aircraft industry or for ship and vessel construction, YXLON International is offering industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems for non-destructive material testing, which fit in any manufacturing process and guarantee highest quality and safety standards for industrial products.

X-ray and CT systems for industrial non-destructive testing (NDT)

We offer the fitting X-ray solution to match each and every non-destructive testing need. Our non-destructive testing equipment includes fully radiation-shielded X-ray cabinets with various manipulation systems and is equipped with high performance X-ray systems. Yet we also offer manipulation systems for large-scale parts to be used in X-ray shielded rooms and portable and mobile X-ray inspection systems for the use in the field too.

Above and beyond that we offer a large selection of CT systems for the wide variety of non-destructive testing applications. For all our X-ray and CT systems, the use of high-grade components combined with high-performance analysis software enable us to provide our customers with an assured inspection decision when testing material non-destructively.

Portable X-ray system for in-field inspection

The portable X-ray systems are extremely well designed for rough in-field X-ray inspection, but can equally well be used for applications in exposure rooms and in real-time X-ray cabinet systems. Our portable X-ray systems are optimized for industrial inspection purposes. Due to high-frequency technology, the portable X-ray systems produce an extremely stable X-ray output. At the same time, the portable X-ray units are characterized by high ease of use.

Mobile X-ray system

Compact and low-weight, the Y.XMB160 and Y.XMB225 mobile constant potential X-ray systems are especially designed for use in, for example, nuclear power plants.

All components of the mobile X-ray system are arranged on a transportation trolley which has two tilting positions and an eye for a crane hook. This enables one person to very easily move the mobile X-ray system to the place of operation. If necessary, all components can be removed from the trolley.

The mobile X-ray systems are suited for a wide variety of applications ranging from low density composite material to aluminum and steel products with thicknesses up to approximately 38mm (Y.XMB160) and 60mm (Y.XMB225).

X-ray-based weld inspection

Weld inspection with X-ray is essential to fulfil the high safety standards in the aerospace industry.

Ducts, air channels and hydraulic lines in aircraft are exposed to the greatest mechanical and thermal stress. That is why they are manufactured using special alloys. Elements like these are additionally supposed to exhibit a construction design that is as compact as possible. That, in turn, leads to complex geometric structures. Welds are unavoidable with this type of construction. X-ray technology offers the possibility to inspect these welds with certainty.

Turbine inspection with X-ray

Turbine blades are extremely complex manufactured parts with special needs for inspection, which can be met by X-ray technology. The desire for a greater degree of turbine efficiency means that turbine blades are exposed to constantly increasing turbine inflow temperatures. The result is that an ever greater perfection in cooling is required.

Pores in welded-on material, foreign substances in the cooling channels or incorrectly executed bores (e.g. boring into the rear wall) can all be easily detected in turbine blades using X-ray inspection. For instance, the wide range of gray-scale dynamics displayed by digital detectors allow pores in welded-on material to be recognized with a single X-ray inspection of the turbine blade.

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