New High-Performance Plate Heat Exchanger by API

API lead

The plate types SIGMA M106 and M136 have an excellent ratio between width and length. The plates of both types are available in a standard embossed structure (S-pattern) and a high performance structure (X-pattern).

With the high performance pattern it is possible to achieve extremely small values of LMTD. The big length of the flow path with both characteristic patterns allows to have a very close approach of the outlet temperature of both fluids. This characteristic ensures the excellence of the two plates in applications in HVAC and in systems for highly efficient heat recovery.

The large size of DN250 (10") nozzles allows big flow rates of 750 m³/h and more. For the plates with standard herringbone pattern being immune to fouling, the types are ideal to be used as central coolers with river waters.

The two types are available in several materials for plates and gaskets. Different specific requirements out of the kinds of applications can be fulfilled. Applications in chemical processes are possible as well as applications in food processing systems. The chemical and thermal resistance of the materials is assured over a wide range. Of course food approved materials are available.

Both sizes of plates are equipped with the SIGMAFIX gasket fixing system. This glueless fixing system allows a very quick replacement of the gaskets and therefore ensures a high level of availability of the complete plate heat exchangers.

We just delivered four SIGMA M136 X for a new power plant in Malaysia . Our new high-performance plates M136 X are used. Together with our new 10" connection size we come to over 1000m² exchange area per heat exchanger and can transfer 52MW of heat in one unit at a pressure drop of only 0,4bar.

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