Estanc potato flour machine

In April 2015, the falling film evaporator to produce potato flour was finished in Estanc’s stainless steel factory.

The product was manufactured in two units: the bottom section weighing 20 tonnes and the tube bundle section weighing 60 tonnes. The tube bundle section is the heaviest one-piece unit ever prepared in Estanc’s stainless steel factory. It really gave our new cranes worth their while.

Main material used for falling film evaporator was acidsecure steel EN 1.4404 / ASTM 316L.

Tube bundle section diameter is 2.6m and it includes approximately 2500 tubes with tube ends welded and lightrolled to tubesheet. Tubesheets were bored with Estanc’s AS TOS-boringmachine.

The product length as whole is 27m, the bottom section being 9.5m of it and the tube bundle section being 17.5m. The innersurface of the vessel was surfaced with Ra < 4m overlay harshness, so that the potatomass circling the device wouldn’t get stuck. Overlay afterprocessing was complete with acidwash in our brand new aciding-tent.