Ilmed Impianti specialises in the manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and linked water treatment systems.

Our focus is to provide our customers with a full water cooling service with the supply of large, on-site erected (from 2,500m³/hr) or small package-type (less than 2,500m³/hr) evaporative cooling towers, as well as all linked water treatment systems (circulating water pumps, chemical dosing, filtering, injection skids, etc.), to optimise the cooling tower operational cost and parameters.

Forced / assisted-draft evaporative cooling towers

We can supply any kind of technology to maximise performance in any ambient conditions from -45°C up to 58°C and any kind of material (galvanised or painted protected carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete casing, plastic material or poltruse) for all forced or assisted-draft evaporative cooling towers in our range of production to grant the best operability with all types of water quality, including seawater.

We have wide experience in almost all applications such as the heavy industry, food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical as well as gas treatment and power generation, which in terms of numbers means more than 6,000 towers installed in 30 different countries.

Ilmed Impianti manufactures evaporative cooling towers and linked water treatment systems.
Our technology maximises the performance of forced or assisted-draft evaporative cooling towers.
We also provide a range of maintenance services for evaporative cooling towers.
We offer evaporative cooling tower refurbishment.
Ilmed Impianti’s years of experience enable the company to offer complete water cooling systems.

With such wide-ranging experience, we can grant our customers the ability to develop and design equipment that is fully suitable to accommodate all operational needs while optimising the investment and operational costs, maximising the reliability and maintainability of the system, and complying with the most stringent standards and specifications.

Ilmed Impianti is also proud to provide a permanent post-sales service for all spare-parts, retrofit or revamping works.

Complete water cooling systems

During 30 years of activity, Ilmed Impianti has developed until we have become one of the most qualified and representative companies in the industrial cooling sector, both in Italy and abroad.

Our evolution from a producer of water cooling towers into a company that is able to offer integrated solutions to the problems connected to water cooling makes Ilmed Impianti a competent partner, able to design and offer complete systems.

In addition to our system know-how, we have total mastery of industrial ventilation technology. The fans used in Ilmed Impianti’s towers are designed and produced by Ilmed Ventilazione Industriale, a company which belongs to the Ilmed group that also supplies to external customers.

Modular evaporative cooling units

Ilmed Impianti’s range of evaporative cooling towers covers a wide range of needs in terms of power and performance. The modular and parameterised setting of the cooling units significantly reduces the time necessary for project personalisation and increases the reliability of the proposed solutions. We have always been attentive to our environmental impact, with a specific focus on the risks for the operators.

Evaporative cooling tower refurbishment

The revamping of existing towers, produced both by Ilmed Impianti and our competitors, is supplied through the turnkey formula. This includes analysis of the project specifications, verifications of the existing thermal loads, analysis of the thermo-dynamic powering and energy saving, design of the modified tower, supply of the materials and components, assembly and start-up, and final certification with performance guarantee.

Maintenance services for evaporative cooling towers

Ilmed Impianti supplies complete programmed and preventive maintenance services to guarantee optimum performances during the whole lifecycle of the system, both for the towers built by Ilmed and for systems supplied by other manufacturers.

Furthermore, Ilmed Impianti is able to quickly and efficiently intervene in case of extraordinary repairing interventions, and to supply every type of spare part, also for natural draught towers.

About the Ilmed Group

The Ilmed Group is capable of producing ideas, solutions, products and services through a complete and integrated development system, from the feasibility analysis to the realisation of a specific project. The group is made of six companies which work in the industrial sector (water cooling systems and ventilation systems) and in the services sector (logistics and real estate).

Within the group the competences of personnel specialised in designing and logistics are integrated in the application of technologies and materials, which enables the optimisation of the final product and service, according to the customer’s needs. In a market that awards suppliers that are able to offer a global service, the Ilmed group is a partner that is able to follow each part of the project development and to guarantee results with certified quality.