Is your gas turbine operating at peak efficiency? If you don’t have a turbine inlet chilling system, then the answer is probably no. Installing a high-quality turbine inlet chilling system, like those offered by Industrial Heat Transfer, leads to more efficient combustion of natural gas and the resulting cost savings.

What is a Turbine Inlet Chilling System?

A turbine inlet chilling system is made up of a series of chilling coils installed at the turbine’s filter intakes. The chilling coils cool air before it reaches the turbine compressor. Because cold air is denser than warm air, this provides more catalysts for the combustion process, which results in higher power outputs with the same amount of natural gas usage.

Install a Turbine Inlet Chilling System: Save money

Improving your gas turbine’s power output is desirable for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is money. A more efficient gas turbine is a more cost-effective gas turbine. Additionally, installing a turbine inlet chilling system is generally less expensive than replacing an entire turbine system that isn’t operating at peak efficiency. Therefore, investing in a chilling system is a great way to save money upfront and in the long term.

Chilling Coils from IHT

Industrial Heat Transfer specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality chilling coils. Thanks to their superior durability and performance capabilities, our chilling coils are perfect for use in turbine inlet chilling systems.