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Custom-Built Commercial and Industrial Finned-Tubed Heat Exchangers

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Industrial Heat Transfer (IHT) offers a broad range of capabilities in the design of heat transfer products. In addition to this, IHT offers creative, knowledgeable, engineering expertise. IHT designs coils that will work for any design specification. IHT offers coils made from many different materials and also offers many different material combinations to choose from. Our years of experience have enabled our design team to take into account the different design concerns which material specifications impose on the designs, allowing us to design a coil that not only works, but works well. With global capability we can provide solutions to any part of the world.

Intercoolers / aftercoolers / turbine inlet cooling coils

IHT coils are used in many different applications for cooling pressurized and turbine-inlet gases. This will increase gas density and remove condensates to increase application performance. We can replace or repair your old unit or utilize our highly skilled engineering team to custom design a coil specific to your application. IHT can fabricate your coil using many different materials as well as having the capability to comply with many of the regulatory codes your application requires.

Waste heat recovery units

These exchangers are designed for applications where a large volume of low-pressure gas is being handled by a duct or pipe. The transition sections allow the gas to expand, thus reducing the gas velocity, providing equal distributions and velocity pressure recovery.

IHT advantages:

IHT designs and manufactures turbine inlet cooling coils - large and small - to meet any specific need.
Don't let all that heat energy evaporate into thin air. IHT can build a system that will help you recover heat from your application and put it to good use.
IHT has manufactured transformer oil coolers for many companies over the years. If you need a refurbishment or replacement of your existing units or new units designed for your application, IHT can meet any need.
  • Tailored to meet any need
  • Withstand high temperature
  • High performance standard
  • Low gas side pressure drop
  • Low gas fouling

Transformer oil coolers

As the original supplier of FOA coolers to many transformer manufacturers, IHT is uniquely qualified to supply replacements or units for new construction. With trained professionals from original manufacturers such as TRANETM we have the original designs and drawings of the thousands of installations over the past 60 years. This vast library of information greatly simplifies field replacements by making field measurement unnecessary in many instances.

Industrial Heat Transfer’s FOA coolers are available for all major transformer manufacturers, including:

  • Westinghouse
  • McGraw Edison
  • General Electric
  • ABB
  • Pennsylvania Transformer
  • Moloney Transformer
  • Federal Pacific
  • Standard Transformer
  • Wagner
  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Central Transformer
  • ITE Circuit Breaker

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