King Sun Industry Cooling Towers for HVAC Systems and Industrial Cooling

King Sun, based in Taiwan, produce and manufacture cooling towers for HVAC systems and industrial cooling. The main production plant is in Chung Li, Tao Yuan County, Taiwan with three subsidiary plants in Shanghai, China, Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand.

Cooling towers for HVAC systems

Our range of cooling towers for HVAC systems includes:

KST – Circular type cooling tower – The FRP casing has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocity, tremors and vibration. The bowl-shaped basin is also made of FRP. The construction allows for operation with a minimal amount of water in the basin and protects from drawing air into the system. The shape also facilitates easy system cleaning. The major structure is FRP and hot dip galvanized steel. Both materials are light in weight and rigid in structure so the cooling tower resists rot and could withstand for more than ten years.

KST-N – in the range KST-N-30 through 125, the drain sockets are enlarged from 1in to 2in to allow faster cleaning work on the basin. One extra drain plug is installed on the lowest position of the basin to increase the time to drain wastewater.

KLN – Circular type low noise cooling tower.

KFT – Square modular type, counterflow-cooling tower

Cooling towers for industrial cooling

Our cooling tower for industrial cooling is the KST-H – circular type, wood fill industrial cooling tower. This tower is manufactured in the same way as our tower range for HVAC systems. The water distribution system consists of a rotating sprinkler head and sprinkler pipes, which give even water distribution. The bell-shaped casing complete with fan stack provide smooth air movement inside the tower and help to obtain performance. The fan assembly is made of aluminium or FRP material with pitch adjustable blades. All fans are balanced before delivery. The circular type design is with 360° air intake. Regardless of air direction and site limitation, the cooling tower still obtains the best performance. The PVC fill is replaced by wood fill, the PVC standpipe is replaced by HDG steel pipe and the PVC sprinkler pipes are replaced by aluminium or PP pipes, so the KST-H cooling tower could withstand high-temperature water up to 99°C. This line could also be used if the water condition is bad like dyeing shop, textile plant, sugar plant and winery.

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King Sun Industry provides cooling towers for HVAC systems and industrial cooling applications. 

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