MCO-Team believes there is a lot to improve in the field of air-coolers and condensers in terms of debottlenecking and cleaning. Performance improvement is what we do. We realise this improvement by our four products: advising, engineering, maintenance and cleaning. Our goal is to find a perfect fit solution for the problem you are facing: ‘we deliver cooling capacity’.

Get your cooler back up to design capacity with MCO-Team. We have the answer when it comes to cleaning.

Advising services for air-coolers and condensers

Our advising services allow us to take control of your air-cooler or condenser problem and start searching for a solution. We realise this by measuring air-flow and pressure, temperatures and structural issues and compare these data to the set of design data. We use GAP analysis to help us to do this.

MCO-Team’s advising department can deliver following products:

At MCO-Team safety is our first priority. Our crew is instructed to work within the safety regulations, and is used to doing so. We have an outstanding safety record.
MCO-Team is used to working within the power industries. We are VCA-certified and have ISO9001 and ISO14001 licences. MCO-Team is part of the Mourik Group, which guaranties a solid backbone.
Maintenance (preventive as well as corrective) is one of the solutions MCO-Team can provide. We can deliver the maintenance plans as well as do the maintenance itself.
Within our engineering department we work out your recommended solutions. We use modern 3D applications to ensure smooth performance of the work.
We use optimised spray patterns, tailored for the one cooler being cleaned. By finding the perfect fit we realise the best results in terms of capacity improvement.
  • Deliver an exact picture of the existing situation, seen from your (customer) point of view
  • Deliver a problem definition and targets, seen from your (customer) point of view
  • Deliver flow and pressure measurements of the fan performance
  • Deliver advice how to reach the targets as defined
  • Deliver debottlenecking-plans (GAP analysis)
  • Deliver maintenance plans based on customer needed reliability and availability
  • Deliver thermo-graphic analyses of coolers, including detailed advice
  • Deliver noise measurements including advice
  • Deliver monitoring details of fan performance

Air-cooler and condenser engineering services

When engineering, we work out everything that comes out of the GAP analysis. For these engineering issues we have internal engineering power as well as external engineers (please ask us for references). In every case we will find and work out the issue.

MCO-Team’s engineering department can deliver the following products:

  • Deliver / engineer plans approved for debottlenecking
  • Deliver construction package for automatic cleaning RIGs / machines, tailored for your situation
  • Deliver preventive maintenance plans for air-fan installations (reliability and availability analysis)

Maintenance services for air-coolers and condensors

Reliability and availability is what matters to you. To keep your air-coolers and condensers up and running we can provide the right maintenance plans and manpower capacity. Our services allow us to:

  • Deliver maintenance plans, finished for debottlenecking
  • Deliver preventive maintenance / preventive checks (on-site), including status reports
  • Deliver corrective maintenance on air-cooler and condenser installations, including reports and advice on how to prevent the installation from breaking down

Air-cooled equipment cleaning:

We perform the cleaning of air-cooled equipment like no other. We use a unique technique called the hydro jet method. While using this technique we adapt the cleaning machine to your situation. This delivers the best results in terms of capacity improvement.