Heat exchangers

RECUTECH produces innovative air-to-air heat exchangers, high-efficiency, tight and counter-flow heat exchangers, and REK+, REX+, REP+, RSP+ and ROW+ rotary wheel heat exchangers.

Air-to-air heat exchangers

RECUTECH uses its know-how from more than 15 years of experience in ventilation and cooperation with local and international universities to deliver high-quality solutions.

The company believes in long-term cooperation, quality and company responsibility, and its priorities are continuous development, flexibility in delivery times and comprehensive customer support.

RECUTECH manufactures a range of air-to-air heat exchangers.
The company uses green technology to protect the environment.
The MES is used for system production.
A RECUTECH worker during the production assembly phase.
The assembling process in detail.
RECUTECH products are tested for leaks.
REK+ is an aluminum range of counter-flow heat exchangers.
ROW+ wheels come with a double-sided seal.
Customers can choose to include a bypass chamber in their REK+ solution.
REK+ heat exchangers are available in nine sizes

RECUTECH provides customers with expertise tailored to their needs and provides advice on where the product should be used.

Counter-flow heat exchangers for the power industry

RECUTECH produces high-quality products with a balanced ratio between price and technical features.

The company believes in using green technologies in ventilation systems, which contribute to improving the environment and internal climate.

To reach the highest efficiency for air climate solutions, it is crucial to choose quality and reliable components.

RECUTECH supplies counter-flow and rotary wheel heat exchangers that have been developed from long-term research, simulations and tests.

With the help of experts from The Technical University of Liberec and Luzern, the company has invented unique technology that meets the requirements of customers.

Heat exchangers with balanced ratio

REK+ is an aluminum range of counter-flow heat exchangers with a balanced ratio of efficiency of up to 95% and pressure drop.

Each heat exchanger is tested for leakage, ensuring the maximum tightness is guaranteed.

This product meet the standards of Passivhaus and is offered in nine sizes and in various lengths, from 100mm up to 950mm.

Additional features include a bypass chamber, closing flap and a REK+ combination of CB or CX for different ventilation solutions.

Plastic counter-flow heat exchangers

REP+ and RSP+ are innovative plastic counter-flow heat exchangers with a balanced ratio of efficiency of up to 94%, pressure drop and price level.

These products are also tested for leakage, ensuring maximum tightness. The plastic range comes in eight sizes and various lengths, from 100mm to 750mm in all sizes.

RECUTECH’s ROW+ solution is a rotary wheel range that is made with the utmost care and attention.

The line is offered with various wheel diameters, from 300mm to 2490mm and spans from 1.4mm to 2.6mm.

The wheels offer double-sided seal for maximum wheel tightness and rigidity of the construction.

Step motors ensure high reliability and the proprietary wheel control and regulation system is controlled by a 0V to 10V signal. Wheels can be produced in non-hygroscopic or hygroscopic configuration