There are two standard methods of installing anchor bolts in a concrete foundation: direct embedding in concrete or grouting into a reservation made in the concrete block.

On occasion, the designers will make large reservations to facilitate forming and their removal. This then requires an enormous volume of grout, which when epoxy grout is specified, means a huge misapplication of resources.

The best way to avoid anchoring problems is to use our ‘Stress-Free Anchoring system’. After casting the concrete, we make the reservation by diamond core drilling hole with approximately three times the diameter of the anchor bolt to be placed.

Fully threaded rods are isolated to allow proper stretching. After initial alignment, the bolts can be grouted up to the chipped surface of the concrete. Once the grout is cured, the bolts can be used to hold the machine down in areas where needed, while the jacking screws, or ALPHAPADs, hold it up, allowing for a very precise alignment.

Finally the bolt should be tightened to 70% of its yield strength, or to 450 N/mm2 stress for grade 8.8 material. We advocate the use of SUPERBOLT tensioners to be sure of getting the correct tension in the bolts, and can supply and install them as part of our service.

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