Continental Controls Corporation has launched the AGV 100, a new electronic fuel valve to meter gaseous fuels for most gas turbines up to approximately 60MW or large gas engines.

We pioneered the use of flow control valves for gas turbine applications. The industry has proven that valves with integrated flow measurement have a lot of advantages over traditional position-based fuel valves.

This configuration automatically overcomes changes in supply pressure or ambient conditions and provides an excellent condition monitoring input and a measure of carbon consumption.

The flow measurement is accurate within 2% and the flow calculation can quickly be changed using software to keep the measurement accurate even when the composition of the gas changes.

Even with this advantage, some of our customers would prefer to integrate their own flow measurement elsewhere on the engine skid. For these customers, our design objective was to allow the end-user to configure the valve as they want to use it.

Our long-term customers will still choose to configure it as a flow control valve. Some system integrators and OEMs that have flow measurement elsewhere on the skid may choose a simple position-based valve. Some customers may choose variable pressure control and others may even choose to control with the position but also measure fuel flow for other reasons. All of these configurations are available on the AGV 100.

The valve was designed to offer the minimum possible pressure drop and to allow the lowest possible skid edge supply pressure. This is a particularly important feature for applications using low BTU or other alternative gaseous fuels. This could include biogas, digester gas or field gas.

Regardless of the size of the turbine or gas engine or the heating value of the
gas, the AGV 100 can be configured to meet the most demanding gaseous fuel applications.

The AGV 100 is voice coil-actuated, which makes it very fast and automatically linear to the fuel demand signal. It also provides actuation with little friction or hysteresis, offering a robust valve that requires little if any maintenance and a very long, problem-free life expectancy.

The valve requires only 24vdc for power and generally less than 5amps. The valve can be configured to accommodate a variety of turbines or gas engine requirements by slightly changing the valve to flow and measure higher or lower fuel level and pressure.

Continental Controls Corporation is a manufacturer of fuel control products for gas turbines or gas engines.