NAC International is organising 2020 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Seminar on 6-9 April in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, US.

The participants will be able to explore the nuclear fuel cycle with the industry experts. Together with other industry professionals, you will learn about the current status of the nuclear generation industry and its competitive position in a world energy context, taking into account electricity market regulation and deregulation.

You will be guided through the commercial and technical aspects of the front-end and back-end fuel cycle sectors, the economic and other forces driving the nuclear fuel markets and who the players are in this ever-evolving business, including their capacities, capabilities, markets and geographical presence. A session on market analysis, market dynamics and influences on contracting strategies is also included.

The seminar is an outstanding opportunity to get up to speed or enhance your existing knowledge base on the nuclear fuel cycle. The seminar is conducted in an open, informal setting with interactive discussions and classroom sessions. As one of a limited number of participants, you will be encouraged to ask the questions that will ensure the seminar covers the information you need to be more successful in your daily operations.

Consulting director Dan Collier has more than 45 years in the industry and has a wealth of experience in the analysis of nuclear fuel cycle programs and markets. He has a strong background in financial and economic analysis. He has provided consulting advice to major fuel suppliers and helped utilities across the world to develop and refine their procurement strategies.

Consultant Gary Leamon has decades of experience in the nuclear industry. His domain of expertise is focused around the front-end of the fuel cycle, including detailed knowledge of the technical capabilities and production costs for uranium production facilities around the world. He is a leading contributor to NAC front-end market studies, especially related to uranium, conversion market analyses and the formulation of related procurement strategies.