C.I.Agent Solutions® provided responsible, cost-effective solutions for hydrocarbon management at the UK Power Networks pole storage unit (Stone Street, Kent) in November 2010.

UK Power Networks required a pollution prevention solution for its wooden pole stores in place of a more conventional, expensive and labour-intensive pole store.

C.I.Agent Solutions was able to identify a blend of C.I.Agent® polymers that could be used to capture creosote whilst allowing rainwater to pass through unimpeded. C.I.Agent Solutions then designed and manufactured a bespoke filtration window, using its Agent-X smart textile that has C.I.Agent embedded within.

The filtration window was fitted at the lowest point of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner installed below ground and will work in synergy with the existing site drainage, with a flow rate of 400l/min.

Until now UK Power Networks’ common option to prevent ground contamination at these pole storage sites was to construct a concrete bund.

Benefit summary

The most significant benefit was a saving of £23,788 compared with the existing solution. This equates to a financial saving of 383%. UK Power Networks was also able to benefit from a reduction in construction time from approximately four weeks (estimated) to just five days installation. Other considerations were the reduction in carbon footprint of the C.I.Agent installation and reduction in on-going maintenance costs.

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