Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for gas turbine and reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a larger version of their EGC 2 electronic carburetor which has been proven to dramatically reduce emissions while lowering fuel consumption on natural gas engines.

Both of the EGC products combine the patented variable pressure controller along with an advanced and very precise mixing venturi to create a breakthrough product that replaces the mechanical carburetor and includes advance air fuel ratio control.

The EGC products can be used in either a rich burn or lean burn mode. For the ultimate in extremely low emission reductions and Best Available Control Technology (BACT), the EGC products can be used in conjunction with a three way catalyst.

The truly amazing aspect of both of the EGC products is that with the improved mixing of air and fuel that is provided in the EGC products, the engine can be run in a lean burn mode that is much leaner than can be achieved with a traditional carburetor. By extending the lean misfire limit, the engine can meet basic US EPA requirements while also improving fuel efficiency. Fuel savings of between 5% and 15% have been verified on a variety of natural gas engines even while they are reducing emissions without a catalytic converter.

In addition to saving fuel, lean burn operation will lower the exhaust temperature and therefore extend engine life and reduce maintenance.

“The EGC 4 brings all of the advantages that the EGC 2 has been offering for smaller engines, to engines up to about 500 horsepower” according to Rick Fisher, vice president of sales and marketing for Continental Controls.

“We have now proven our lean burn performance on hundreds of engines and we are now about to move into the middle of the gas engine line up”.