Austria-based ANDRITZ HYDRO has ordered a Minac 25/40 Twin induction heating system from EFD Induction. The system will be used for copper brazing at ANDRITZ HYDRO’s facility in Weiz, Austria.

“This latest order means ANDRITZ companies have now purchased about 25 Minac systems from us over the past two decades,” says Matthias Gruber, managing director of EFD Induction Austria. “And that number does not include five Minac systems delivered to ANDRITZ HYDRO in India during the past two years, or the four Minacs delivered to the same customer in Brazil last autumn.”

The Minac is a versatile, mobile induction heating system available with various output powers up to a maximum of 220kW at intermittent operation. Automatic output matching, which ensures optimal power output for different heating operations, coils and materials, is standard for all Minac models. ‘Twin’ models feature two independent power outputs from a single converter, in effect offering two heating systems in one.

“When a company such as ANDRITZ HYDRO, with its stringent standards in a demanding industry, places repeat orders for an equipment item, then you know you’ve passed a tough quality control test,” says Gruber. “It proves just how much value the Minac can add to a company’s operations.”