Wood Group GTS has been awarded a $5.5m contract by one of the largest south-east US power providers. The award consists of multiple ECOMAX® combustion tuning systems and combustion dynamics monitoring systems (CDMS) for a 7FA fleet of gas turbines.

This automated tuning technology was installed at two sites in 2013, with the remaining three sites scheduled for 2014.

ECOMAX is a stand-alone real-time automatic combustion management system that safely returns control and optimization of the combustion process to the operator. It enables the customer to maximize turbine output without increasing emissions and while remaining compliant under NERC (North American Electric Reliability) regulations.

"ECOMAX technology enables plant operators to set the gas turbine operating parameters, while continuously monitoring and adjusting within the framework of those parameters," said Frank Avery, president of Wood Group GTS – Power Plant Services. "This award is a further endorsement of the value our independent and innovative services bring to operators of ‘F’ technology gas turbines."

The ECOMAX system is part of Wood Group GTS’ overall products and services designed to maximize the return on customers’ investment in gas turbine technology.