BEUMER stretch hood M

BEUMER Group, headquartered in Beckum, Germany, presents its innovative stretch hooding system BEUMER stretch hood M at the Ceramitec in Munich from 22-25 May.

The stretch hood is already used successfully in the brick industry and offers a variety of options across a broad range of pallet packaging challenges and requirements.

Packaging palletised bricks with the BEUMER stretch hood M is quick and safe. In addition, this system accommodates a large variety of film thicknesses and is characterised by more flexible handling of different pallets and film formats compared to other systems.

The combination of vertical and horizontal film forces during stretch hooding ensures increased load stability. With low specific energy and compressed-air consumption, as well as compatibility with recyclable packaging films, the BEUMER stretch hood M is a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable approach to pallet packaging.

The stretch hooding system is equipped with an optimised, user-friendly control terminal, which enables quick changes of operating parameters. Films can be replaced in minimal time.