Ensto has published its new sustainability report. The company has selected to report according the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which is the most common way of reporting in the EU area. The report covers the level-C reporting.

‘Sustainability at Ensto’ report is the key platform for communicating the sustainability impacts of the company, both positive and negative. The report covers all Ensto strategic business units and locations and presents their actions during the calendar years 2010-2011.

In the heart of Cleantech business

As Ensto stands in the heart of cleantech business, sustainability is a key theme for them and it is with everything the company does. The increasing demand for sustainability derives also from customers and other stakeholders.

Ensto has chosen to build a better society by improving energy efficiency and focusing on sustainable development; for this, the company has decided to be in the frontline of the electrical industry by producing clean, recyclable, trusted and innovative products, solutions and services. Its products are designed and manufactured for a long lifetime and a low lifecycle impact on the environment.

The sustainability report shows how sustainability at Ensto is carried out through four strategic themes: leading by example, improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental impacts and taking care.

Leading by example

Ensto wants to set an example for a sustainable business through its own actions. As a result, sustainability drives Ensto’s product development, business developments and acquisitions.

For example, the acquisition of NOVEXIA SAS, a manufacturer of low and medium voltage power grid devices, as well as automation and remote control equipment, is perfectly in line with Ensto’s strategy of focusing on energy efficiency and new demands for electricity distribution. With this acquisition, Ensto strengthens its capabilities particularly in the area of smart grids.

Sustainability is a leading criterion also for product development. For example, energy efficiency as a principle draws attention to how every new generation of solutions must result in relevant energy savings compared with their predecessors, not only during manufacturing, but throughout the entire lifecycle.

Improving energy efficiency

Ensto not only provides its customers energy saving products and solutions, but also improves energy efficiency in its own actions and operations. Ensto practices this promise by supporting renewable energy generation by providing a wide range of solutions for solar and wind power, importing efficiency in electricity distribution via network development, enabling longer and more efficient use of products (e.g. LED luminaires) and by supporting emissions reduction through offering a range of electric vehicle charging points.

In order to assess the energy savings potential of Ensto products, life cycle assessments are conducted for selected key products. LCAs conducted so far have demonstrated that over the entire lifecycle of these products, they result in over 20% lower emissions and electricity use than average competitor products.

Reducing environmental impacts

By calculating its company-wide carbon footprint, Ensto is gaining exact knowledge of how to continuously reduce its own carbon emissions.

The report shows that Ensto has already done a great deal. It has increased the recyclability of its products, reduced package material and created an extensive waste management system. Ensto has changed its lubricants to biodegradable and non-toxic alternatives and uses only environmental and skin friendly vegetable oil based soluble grinding fluids.

Taking care

Ensto considers taking care of people as an important aspect of sustainability. Ensto not only offers its employees a safe and satisfactory work environment, but also claims responsibilities towards its customers, suppliers, partners and the communities in which it operates.

Ensto’s open, caring and cooperative spirit is clearly manifested in its support of Global Dignity, the cooperation with educational institutions and students, as well as active participation in networks and forums.

Future focus on stakeholders

From now on, Ensto will be reporting its actions on sustainability regularly. The actions taken will also be continuously updated on Ensto’s website.

Ensto plans to expand reporting in the future to cover more broadly the content and indicators outlined in the GRI guidelines. The company wants to also involve more of its stakeholders in the process to be able to interact with them as efficiently as possible and to ensure their expectations are met.