Dow Water & Process Solutions announces its plans for a new world-class DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis membrane plant at the company’s site in Huzhou, China. The facility joins Dow’s ultrafiltration manufacturing facility in Huzhou, ion exchange resin facility in Qingpu, a world class research center in Shanghai as well as a group of local talent, Dow has already become the only solution provider to offer a full portfolio of water treatment technologies manufactured in China.

Shanghai, China – June 7 2012 – The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) today announced plans to invest in a world-class manufacturing facility for DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) elements in Huzhou, China. The new facility will be online in 2013.

"This investment is directly aligned to our growth strategy to maximize value as a leading science company, benefiting our customers in China and the China economy while contributing to Dow’s global growth," said Peter Sykes, President of Dow Greater China. "Dow Greater China is built on a solid foundation and we’re very confident about our ability to contribute to the China market and customer growth with a business focus which fits China’s 12th Five-Year plan."

The proposed facility would deliver local supply security of cutting-edge technology for water desalination and waste water reuse for potable, non-potable and industrial water serving China. The facility would also serve as a sourcing point for global demand, boosting supply of Dow’s world-class products worldwide. Additionally, these water technologies will deliver cost-savings through reduced energy usage and excellent operational efficiencies for global customers. The facility joins Dow’s ultrafiltration manufacturing facility in Huzhou and ion exchange resin facility in Qingpu, which supply global, market leading products.

"For more than 50 years Dow has demonstrated innovation and market leadership in the water industry," said Ian Barbour, General Manager, Dow Water & Process Solutions. "As the largest reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer with the most advanced technology around the world, establishing a China manufacturing facility at our site in Huzhou represents a significant milestone in the growth strategy for our business.

"Reverse osmosis investment in China is an integral part of the DW&PS business growth strategy and by following this strategy we consistently enhance our capability. By expanding our manufacturing capacity we are improving our global footprint and strengthening our market position while simultaneously enhancing our global capabilities and competitiveness."

Modern water treatment technology allows industrial economies to advance while minimizing water requirements. Over the years, improvements in DOW FILMTEC™ RO membrane elements have provided a significant increase in the amount of treated water per element while reducing energy costs for water and water reuse projects around the world. Dow technology produces hundreds of millions of gallons of freshwater per day in many sites around the globe, contributing to Dow’s overarching goal to further reduce the cost and energy-intensity of water treatment.

"China continues to be the largest growth market for reverse osmosis," said Dr. Wang Xiaolan, Asia Pacific Commercial Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions. "As the global separation and purification technology leader, producing DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis elements in China continues Dow’s history of investment in technologies and production capacity to meet the growing challenges for clean and affordable water supply in China needed by our customers and consumers."

Dow Water & Process Solutions is the only manufacturer today to offer a full portfolio of advanced water treatment technologies. Ion Exchange resins, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, macrofiltration devices and electrodeionization products continue to set an industry standard for quality and reliability. These products play a key role in delivering high purity water across major use sectors including residential water, power, wastewater and water reuse, industrial process water, ultrapure water, desalination and municipal water.