At Ventx, we specialise in high noise level control. We use a wide variety of silencers to accomplish this, including industrial models. We match each industrial silencer to the application using our specialist software. This produces much better results.

We often receive questions about noise and the trouble it can cause. To help, we are going to reveal some of the answers to some of the common queries.

To begin with, we will look into situations when noise becomes an issue. According to English law, a nuisance is an interference with someone’s use of land or enjoyment that is unlawful. The procedure of deciding what amount of noise causes this kind of response is subjective. For example, you might consider the quantity of sound, its timing and length. Individuals frequently use these to figure out whether there is actually a nuisance.

Next, we will go over what a statutory nuisance is. It is the duty of local authorities to handle these nuisances under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. For noise to count as one though, it needs to be prejudicial to health. Section 79(1)(g) and (ga) of the act have relevant information on this topic.

It is very important to know about these. Sometimes, the local authority may believe that a noise issue is a statutory nuisance. When they do, they can distribute notices. The notice could require you to limit the noise to certain times of the day. Alternatively, you might have to stop it entirely. They can serve the notice to the responsible individual. Once served, they have 21 days to appeal.

At Ventx, we can design systems to help you keep noise levels to a minimum. This way, you will avoid awkward meetings with the local authorities and also will not harm your neighbours. With a bespoke industrial silencer, everyone will be able to carry on as normal without any complications.

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