Ventx designs and supplies industrial silencers to assist the public. The noise from these settings can cause a myriad of physical symptoms. However, the trouble can spread beyond this towards the mental side too. It is our job to help combat this in the best way we know. That is by reducing the noise at the source, working closely with clients from a variety of industries.

A number of recent studies on mental health reveal vital details. They show a powerful link between poor mental health and unrestrained noise levels. Even minor expansions can have a substantial effect. The scientists found that a 10-decibel aircraft noise increase linked to a 28% increase in anti-anxiety medication use.

There was also another assignment that looked into people who live in areas with a high level of traffic noise. The study found that these people were 25% more likely to suffer depression than someone living in a quieter area.

When it comes to mental health and noise, you are not helpless. There are options available to stop it from becoming a major problem. Inside many working environments, the ideal solution would be to invest in one of our industrials silencers. You may find yourself being troubled by inconvenient sounds. If so, ensure that you talk to the right authorities. Ask if they will look into the current problem.

Everyone has the right to live a life that is undisturbed by noise pollution. You may believe that you cannot do anything. However, there is always something that helps. Anyone who has concerns about workplace noise should talk to those in charge of health and safety. They should be doing everything in their power to assist everyone.

At Ventx, customers can choose between many different silencers, including air compressor, generator and fan options.

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