Anvil is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the complete line of grooved couplings, fittings and valves, which deliver cost savings at installation and long-lasting performance.

In addition, we offer an extensive selection of pipe hangers, supports, and seamless pipe nipples, as well as malleable, cast iron and forged steel fittings.

Plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, industrial, fire protection and oil and gas solutions

At Anvil, we pride ourselves in providing the finest quality in pipe products and services with integrity, as well as a commitment to excellent customer service at all levels. We provide expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing and mechanical, HVAC, industrial and fire protection to mining, and oil and gas.

Our comprehensive line of products customizable to your needs includes:

Anvil provides product solutions for a variety of applications, including plumbing, HVAC, mechanical and fire protection.
Mcguire station snubbers provided by Anvil are widely used throughout the power sector.
Anvil has an extensive selection of malleable, forged steel and cast iron fittings, as well as pipe hangers, seamless pipe nipples and supports.
Engineered hangers are used for a variety of applications in the power industry.
A long history and experience in manufacturing ensures that Anvil is one of the leading providers of piping products and fire protection.
  • Grooved pipe couplings
  • Grooved and plain-end fittings
  • Valves
  • Cast and malleable iron fittings
  • Forged steel fittings
  • Steel pipe nipples and couplings
  • Pipe hangers and hardware
  • Channel and strut fittings
  • Mining and oil field fittings

Fire protection and piping systems

The extensive range of domestic and globally-sourced products for fire protection piping systems offered by AnvilStar provides versatile and dependable performance for a wide range of applications. AnvilStar products are UL/ULC listed and FM approved, and are available in a full range of styles and functionality, including:

  • Gruvlok grooved couplings, fittings and flanges
  • Gruvlok valves
  • Gruvlok roll groovers
  • SPF grooved couplings, fittings and flanges
  • Anvil cast iron, malleable iron threaded flanged fittings
  • SPF cast iron and ductile iron threaded fittings
  • Anvil steel pipe nipples and steel pipe couplings
  • SPF steel pipe nipples
  • Merit Tee-lets, drop nipples and steel welding flanges
  • SPF O’lets
  • Anvil pipe hangers and support and all thread rod
  • Anvil-struts and strut fittings

Valves and indicators for fire protection and piping in the power sector

PostsAnvilStar combines the latest technology and most current fire protection ratings with the trusted history and manufacturing experience that has made Anvil the go-to source for fire protection and piping products. This means better performance and better service for you and your business.

Design services for air handling units, single-line routing systems, commercial and oilfield piping

The company provides basic design services, such as fabrication drawings to extended design services for air handling units, commercial piping, oilfield piping, and single-line routing systems.

Anvil International has sales and distribution offices throughout the US and around the world. The company is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products.