Densit A/S are pioneers in developing products especially designed for wear protection in industrial plants. Densit A/S’s product range relies on three innovative systems,WearFlex, WearCast and WearSpray. Densit A/S products reduce the chance of unexpected plant shutdowns due to wear in processing machinery and therefore help to improve competitiveness and output. Over many years Densit A/S have developed detailed knowledge and experience from working in many industries including coal-fire power generation, cement, steel, paper and mineral sands. Densit wear protection provides unique solutions to wear problems by increasing the lifetime of components, increasing safety, minimizing maintenance and reducing pollution output. Typical process parts that Densit A/S delivers solutions for include ducts, pipes and bends, chutes, venturis, mills, fan casings, sluices, bunkers and pits.


Densit wear-resistant linings offer special performance features

  • High levels of erosive and abrasive wear resistance
  • The ability to be formed in any shape without vulnerable joints
  • Seamless graduation in lining thickness within a component and high thermal resistance
  • Flexibility in installation of components with complex geometry
  • Mechanical reinforcement ensuring that linings do not become dislodged


Densit A/S wear resistant linings are based on three fundamental systems all made using high strength compounds combined with hardwearing aggregates. WearFlex products can be directly trowelled onto an anchoring mesh and can be used in processing temperatures up to 1,200°C.

WearCast technology is typically used in the casting of pipes, valves and ducts; again they can be used in processing temperatures up to 1,200°C. Pipes and bends with Densit protection lining can be supplied with a wear protection wire system to enable monitoring of the wear rate.

The Esjberg coal fired power plant used over 300 Densit lined components including bends, splitters and mills.
Densit WearFlex being directly trowelled onto anchoring mesh.
PF piping produced by Densit to exact client specifications.
Densit WearSpray is installed to improve flexibility.

WearSpray is installed by spraying directly onto an anchoring mesh giving flexibility and smooth installation. Components can be designed and built to client specifications and lined with Densit wear protection ready for use.


The nature of Densit wear lining systems means that parts can be formed in any geometry with strategically engineered joints. The flexibility that this allows is important for the installation of eccentric linings and seamlessly graduated linings of variable thickness. That the lining requirements can be tailored in this way results in the most economical solution; thicker protection being applied where there is extreme wear and thinner protection where less wear occurs.


Densit A/S manufactured and delivered a range of Densit lined components for the piping requirements of the 400MW supercritical boiler. The power station has been in continuous operation since 1992 and in 60,000 hours of use the wear in the bends is only at a few millimetres.