EEE Anlagenbau specialises in complete engineering processes, with the manufacturing and commissioning of natural gas, LPG and oil systems for gas and energy distribution companies, focusing particularly in gas and oil-fired power plants.

EEE Anlagenbau’s philosophy is to design the systems in-house and manufacture skid-mounted units close to the location of our customers. We have qualified regional partner companies in Germany, UAE, Malaysia and Mexico to benefit our customers and ensure there is a regional support, as well as after sales service.

Supported by our local partners, all solutions are designed and supplied according to all international standards, as well as the regulations of local gas and energy distribution companies.

Our design philosophy is to break down the systems to more or less standardised skids, to fit into standard sea container size where possible, and minimise transportation costs and time. We can customise systems to meet any requirements.

EEE provides customised fuel gas supply systems, based on skid-mounted units.
Modularised systems for fuel gas supply of gas turbines.
Standardised ignition gas systems for bi-fuel turbines.
Modularised and customised gas analysing systems for power applications.
EEE provides training programmes for operator personnel in the power industry.

Engineering services for the power industry

EEE Anlagenbau’s experience and expertise in the engineering of fuel supply systems can be helpful to support customers involved in engineering processes, quality assurance and site services for their own projects in any phase.

We offer the following services:

  • Feasibility studies, basic engineering, detail engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Site services as supervision, commissioning, troubleshooting
  • Training programmes for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Analysis, expertise and rehabilitation of existing systems

Customised fuel gas systems

EEE Anlagenbau designs modularised and reliable systems for the fuel supply of natural gas, but also for systems to mix natural gases from different sources, or natural gas with other process gases for stable conditions at the turbine. As well as our standard systems, we can also supply any customised solution for fuel gas systems. All systems are skid-based.

The main scope of work involves:

  • Gas cleaning solutions, filters, separators and scrubbers
  • Gas metering and analysing systems
  • Gas preheating and waste heat utilisation systems
  • Gas conditioning systems, such as pressure reduction and mixing
  • Automation and safety systems

Ignition LPG systems

EEE Anlagenbau has designed an ignition gas system to start-up bi-fuel turbines in oil mode with liquid petroleum gas. As these systems have no moving parts, such as a pump or vaporiser, it keeps the system simple but reliable.

The system is working with LPG, such as propane or butane, but also with mixtures of both.

Fuel oil systems for turbines

EEE Anlagenbau can supply also units for oil feeding systems for turbines for all kinds of fuel oil. Crude oils and heavy fuel oils require special and condition adapted fuel systems to meet the turbine requirements. Our systems can be designed to meet exact requirements.

These systems comprise:

  • Fuel oil unloading units
  • Fuel oil forwarding and filtration units
  • Fuel oil metering units
  • Fuel oil preheating units
  • CO2 monitoring systems

CO2 monitoring systems

EEE Anlagenbau has developed a system for the CO2 monitoring in accordance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) rules for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding emitting methane (CH4) into the atmosphere. In addition, this system also helps reach the targets for carbon emission reductions (CER) and clean development mechanisms (CDM). This system is essentially used for biogas applications and biogas co-generation units, but can also be used for mine gas and for all types of flaring of burnable gases.

Based on more than 20 years’ international experience and expertise of our engineering personnel, EEE Anlagenbau GmbH can offer state-of-the-art and economically designed system solutions for our customers benefit. Economic efficiency is ensured through investment, operation phase and the lowest cost of ownership. Our entire company philosophy is focused to execute our customer requirements and meet their specific demands.