Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom electrical engineered magnetics, as well as a leading manufacturer of standard electrical dry-type, cast resin and oil-filled transformers.

Advanced engineering capabilities, high-quality products and fast responsive service to customers’ needs have established HPS as a technical and innovative leader in the electrical industries. HPS has manufacturing plants in Canada, the US, Mexico, Italy and India.

Cast resin transformers

Designed for indoor or outdoor applications, these transformers are environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance. These cast resin transformers are suitable and durable enough for even the most demanding applications, usually found in wind, oil and gas, pulp and paper and other commercial industries.

HPS cast resin transformers are formed with mineral-filled epoxy, reinforced with a fiberglass mat and then cast to provide complete resin impregnation throughout the insulation system.

Designs are cost-effective and our transformers are built with modern manufacturing techniques.
Testing facilities in all manufacturing locations ensure product quality.
Hammond Power Solutions offers thousands of standard dry-type transformers from 25VA to 5MVA.
The company's cast coil units go up to 8MVA, 33kV class.
Hammond Power Solutions' liquid-filled transformers can be from 50kVA to 50MVA and up to 132kV class.

Liquid-filled transformers

Liquid-filled transformers from 50kVA to 50MVA, and up to 132kV class, are available in distribution, power and specialised type units. We have designs for a variety of applications, including steel mills, mining, drives and other specialised applications.

We also have the capacity to manufacture arc furnace transformers, submerged arc furnace transformers, ladel furnace transformers and DC arc furnace transformers.

VPI dry-type transformers

Offering thousands of standard dry-type transformers from 25VA to 5MVA and special up to 34MVA, HPS can meet the needs of your application. HPS dry-type transformers are suitable for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing or production process application. In addition to conventional indoor applications, our dry-type transformers can be built for outdoor locations including where airborne contaminants pose a risk to electrical equipment.

Multi-pulse transformers

HPS multi-pulse transformers mitigate the harmonic distortion generated by variable frequency drives and other digital equipment.

The company can provide 12, 18 and 24 multi-pulse drive and inverter duty transformers.

Energy-efficient transformers

Energy-efficient transformers are more beneficial to the environment and can create substantial savings in operating costs, thus having a direct impact on the initial investment evaluated over time. HPS offers energy-efficient distribution transformers, including general purpose, k-factor and harmonic mitigating.

These transformers meet or exceed US DOE CFR part 431 efficiency standards, as well as the Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations SOR/94-561 (and / or C802.2) efficiencies. HPS Super Efficient Distribution transformers meet the NEMA Premium guidelines.

Custom capabilities

HPS’s design and engineering team is committed to providing custom power solutions for every real-world transformer challenge. Our team will design to your personal specifications in days, instead of weeks or months. We are dedicated to answering and solving all of your questions and issues by delivering time-sensitive and cost-effective custom transformers.

Our custom transformers include cycloconverters, excitation transformers, rectifier and traction duty transformers, mining duty excavation transformers and more.

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