Joining Technologies, an innovator in industrial laser applications, announces that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business.

Founded in 1992 by Michael Francoeur, Joining Technologies has built its reputation on innovation, and is known for developing new technologies and processes to solve metal joining challenges previously thought to be impossible. With its customer base primarily in the north-east United States, Joining Technologies is growing quickly and is poised to significantly increase its market share.

From welding services and component manufacturing to a growing range of complete systems delivered to the customer’s production floor, Joining Technologies has focused on solving the most challenging material and joining needs. The company provides laser welding, electron beam and transferred arc welding, laser cladding, and supply chain management services.

"While celebrating our milestone of 20 years in business, we continue to reinvent ourselves, focusing on how to solve the joining challenges of the next 20 years," said David Hudson, president of Joining Technologies.

Each member of Joining Technologies’ uniquely qualified engineering staff guide customers with the newest and most precise welding technologies available. With its proprietary in-house training program, the company’s welding specialists provide the highest attention to detail and unsurpassed quality.

"Of all the successes we have had over our 20 years in business, I am proudest of developing and instilling a corporate culture that rewards innovation and teamwork," said David Hudson, president of Joining Technologies. "We take pride in our work, and we invest heavily in our workplace and infrastructure, making it the most highly evolved and reliable operation of its kind."