Welding experts provide high value oversight and coordination Joining Technologies, an innovator in industrial laser applications, announces that it offers supply chain management services for product manufacturing and assembly.

Building off its core welding competencies, which include precision fusion processes such as laser and electron beam welding, Joining Technologies has expanded its services to include high-value oversight and coordination at any stage of the production process.

This growth came as a natural extension of Joining Technologies’ welding services. Supply chain management initiatives focus on proper coordination of assembly process steps, including material requisition and machining, which in turn guarantee that a weld can be achieved correctly and meet product specifications.

Joining Technologies’s supply chain management expertise encompasses sourcing, procurement, and logistics management. This also extends to coordination and collaboration with suppliers, third-party subcontractors, and customers.

Each supplier is surveyed to determine a cultural match with the customer, taking into account important factors such as quality assurance, engineering, and shipping and receiving practices. Joining Technologies employs an entire staff of in-house project managers, quality assurance experts, export compliance specialists, defined purchasing agents, and highly qualified engineers to ensure smooth internal operations and a truly beneficial match.

Joining Technologies has provided supply chain management on a range of products in the quality-critical military and medical device markets, and rigid adherence to manufacturing protocols is an integral part of the company’s oversight services.

Joining Technologies’s work ensures that vendors are in compliance with export laws, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR), as well as their customer’s Tier 1 contractor requirements.